Jedi Training HS

My kids really want to do the Jedi Training and we plan to be there at rope drop EMH. Do they assign you a time slot or are you able to pick from what is available? Tying to arrange my touring plan and not sure how to work it in.

You can pick from what is available. I decided which show fit best in my touring plan and planned to ask for that, but as I had plenty of time in the plan for the Launch Bay, I had an alternative time in mind so I could swap with that and it didn’t affect rides.

Remember that you have to be back at sign ups 30 mins before your show, so you’ll need to allow for that too.


Thanks for all your help. Didn’t realize I had to be back 30 minutes prior too. This will make it easier to plan my schedule and also build it a back up slot or two.

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No problem!