Jedi Training at DLP

I have seen conflicting info on the internet. We are planning a trip in March, staying on property. Does the sign up start when the park opens for early entry, or when the park officially opens? I’m sort of loathe to spend the whole EMH in line, but seems like one would need to to get a spot. Any tips?

Ask your question over here, if you haven’t already. Really good help. Sorry I don’t have the answer. If you have other DLP questions I may be able to help :wink:

Don’t spend EMH in line for Jedi training sign-ups! It is a very poor use of that very awesome hour. They do start sign-ups during EMH but will only fill up half the slots for each show during EMH. The other half of the slots become available at reg RD. This is the main reason I wouldn’t sign up during EMH and at most go only 5-10 min before RD just to be ahead of the regular RD crowd which will be held back at the hub or top of Main St.

Sign-ups are located at the exit of the Star Wars Launch Bay which is to the right of the Autopia entrance. If you were familiar with where the Autopia FastPass machines once were, it’s that exact space. That’s also where you’ll take the kids to prep for showtime, returning at the time given upon sign-up (about 25-30 min before the show starts).

For sign-ups the kids will need to be with you to answer a few questions themselves (simple ones like how old they are, can they follow directions, .etc.). Once they answer the questions, you’ll be able to pick a show to sign-up for.

Lastly, if you have more than one adult, I would only have one adult return with the kids & have the rest of the group go pick a seat for the show. They have a designated section for the parents of the participatingJedi’s but when we have waited with our kids until they tell the parents to go ahead and head over for a seat, there’s not much room left anywhere else & they don’t always enforce that only parents of the participants sit in that section. If you only have one adult, return with the kids of course but once your kids are situated in a line & a CM has given you a PhotoPass card that will have all the show photos, you can excuse yourself without waiting for a CM to direct you to go find a seat.

This is all the info I was hoping for. Thank you so much!! I’ll be solo with my two boys (9 and 5) so I’ll just have to make sure they understand what the decision to do this entails. Super appreciative!!

I see the confusion. I meant Disneyland Park not Disneyland Paris!