Jedi Training and TSMM

I am planning our first trip to Disney in October! I am starting to make my tp’s and am wondering if we should sign up for my DS for Jedi training first or could we ride TSMM then sign up? Planning on going on a day with EMHs and being there at RD. TIA!

If JTA is important you will want to sign up for that first. It can sell out very quickly in the mornings. Having said that they change around the routine for it a lot and lately have been letting people sign up before rope drop, but I wouldn’t count on that.

We went to JT sign up first. We got to HS at 8:30 and they directed us into the park to the JT line where there were lots of people waiting in line already. We were probably signed up by 9:15 or so and ~ 1/2 of the spots were taken. I had a FP for TSMM from 9-10 so we went there after sign up. I would be afraid of not getting a spot in JT if we didn’t go there first.

Thanks! We will definelty sign up first!