Jedi training and other FP+

If you want to sign up for JT right away, you don’t know the time you’ll get…so how do you manage other FPs you’ve pre-signed up for?

If you have FPs booked, they will work with you on the show time. There are many shows, so you asks be ok.

Are they super-flexible with what they have left? So if my DH gets there and says can I have 1:50, or if that’s not available, 4:10 or 4:40, and if they ask why, it’s just “I don’t know, those fit in best to my crazy wife’s touring plans around other FastPasses and meals and such” is that a sure thing (assuming he’s early enough in line) or will they give him a hard time about just taking the next show?

They are not super flexible but will accommodate around fpp and adr where poss. Some cm more so than others Remember you must have kids with you at sign up and your return time will be 30 minutes before you show time. If you miss your return time they will give your spot to another child.