Jedi Training Acd. Times

The JTA times listed (mid-afternoon) in the TP is not matching up with the DIsney website? Should I plan a break or hope that the TP adjusts when it gets closer? Thanks! @len

Unless things have changed recently, you won’t know what time you are scheduled for JTA until you get to the park and secure a pass for the presentation. Depending on how early you get there (pre-rope drop is recommended!) and what the crowd level is, you might be limited to which time slots are available to you that particular day. They fill up pretty quickly.

Ah, let me know the date, and I’ll ask Gerelyn to check the schedule. Might have changed from our original estimate.

Aug 10. Thanks so much!

JTA times are different on the TP website than on the Disney website. Which one is right? I was building my day around the 120 or 150 show (as best you can build a day not knowing what show you’ll get) but those times don’t appear on Disney’s site. Which one is right? 9/29 is our HS date.

Does anyone know which times are right? Anyone been there recently and can tell me the afternoon times for JTA?? Thanks.

They aren’t on the wdw site for that date yet. They should be released soon The wdw site will be accurate. Times change depending on season so end of sept will be diff from now. . I would block off a period of 1-1.5 hrs as a break. It takes over an hour from check in to show finishing and kids returning robes.

That’s what I’ve done. Hopefully can make one of the shows. I just wonder why TP has times in the plans that might not be accurate.

They put in predicted times for shows park openings and closings etc based on previous years to help people plan provisionally. When wdw release actual times they update the website. I wouldn’t worry to much about it JTA is a really difficult one to fit in and you just have to go with the flow. Last time we weren’t given a choice and got the 10.40 show returning at 10.10. Tp went in the bin but we had a great day. Signed up did TSMM did Jedi then the less popular rides and shows. Then did TOT and Aerosmith after 4pm. We had to wing it but as I knew what the busiest rides would be I avoided them between 12-4.
These cheat sheets are good if you tp falls apart have used them in AK and HS.


Thanks for the cheat sheets and taking the time to reply.

Some people like to plan a year (or more) in advance. In those cases, we have to estimate show times. Thanks for using the site!

Thanks, Len. I am one of those people who loves to plan in advance. That’s why I LOVE touring plans! Might it be useful to update the times to the current Disney times which we at least know are accurate for a given period of time? It’s my own fault. I was remiss and never checked MDE JTA times. If I had I would have planned my FPP a bit different. No biggie since JTA is a free for-all anyway!

Thank you for touring plans. I love them!