Jedi Training Academy has no schedule after Sept 20? Update: Schedule fixed by WDW IT

Is this normal for Disney’s website? Or is it being discontinued? Everything else has scheduling out that far as far as I know. But there’s nothing on the schedule after Sept 20 for JTA. Glitch? Or the beginning of Star Wars Land? Has anyone heard anything?

Interesting. The server was busy so I wasn’t able to look at the link yet. We are doing a tour and the guide is picking us up at our hotel during our trip in Nov. to take us to sign up for JTA. I should send an email and ask about this. Otherwise, we’ll want to make a change to our plans.

The link finally worked for me and I was able to see showtimes for our date in November. :thumbsup: Thank goodness!


Just went here again:

Every date in November (and October and every day after Sept 20) says, “No Times Available”.
Hoping it’s a WDW website glitch. Wouldn’t be the 1st time.
Maybe I’ll call WDW IT & ask.

That’s weird. The times showed for me the other day. I specifically checked for Nov. 19th. :confused:

I called Disney IT & they had no explanation, but reported the problem to IT management. I noticed at the time that all the “meet & greet” type of things that are ordinarily in the schedule were also not there, so it’s not just a Jedi Academy thing, while noting that all the temporary Frozen stuff was there.

The CM said that he had times & that the times should match what is in there on September 20, the last day that a schedule is there.

So I asked him what he had on his schedule & he started listing a bunch of times that are different than Sept 20. He said he saw it in his version of the schedule, even though it didn’t show on Disney’s website. He opined that it is probably a website display issue, not a schedule issue, and that he’d report it to IT.

I asked if perhaps there were plans to change the scheduling for M&G type of entertainment in Hollywood Studios & perhaps they just hadn’t decided or updated it in the web site yet?

He didn’t think so, but had no other explanation. He reported the issue, and took down all the M&Gs that weren’t on the schedule after Sept 20. He had me try another browser to see if it was a cache issue, but it was the same on all browsers. He asked when I noticed it & I said it’s been like this for days.

We’ll see if anything changes.

Thanks for the followup!

Just happened upon this thread as I was looking for another answer. The times are showing up for the 22nd now with no issue.

@kellybelle thanks a mil for the update. I just checked for 9/25 & indeed, the full schedule,including M&G’s is now there. Disney IT actually fixed it. Thanks again.