Jedi training 2/16 report

Hi all
We just did Jedi Training for our first time two weeks ago. Our expectations were based on watching YouTube and the experience has changed. My 4 and 7 year old still liked it, but they were disappointed they did not get to fight Darth Vader or see storm troopers.
Basically there was a larger group admitted (maybe 30). Then the groups were randomly divided. Half got on the stage - these fought Vader - the other half were on the ground in front and fought someone I now know is the Seventh Sister. (We only know the films so had no clue who she was. You could see bewilderment on all the kids’ faces). Also - you must send an adult to save room for you at the viewing rope. We were told to accompany our kids. Then when we got to the show all the viewing space was taken - and since my kids at that moment got herded into the ground group we couldn’t see them. (I saw the aforementioned bewilderment on the PhotoPass pics).

Anyway the kids still liked it ok and we’d probably do it again - but we wouldn’t plan around it or look forward to it as much as we did.

One other note - the “trainers” definitely seemed more interested in becoming actors than working with kids. I saw several times when the ignored kids (one was holding up a piece of trash she found and clamoring for attention for five minutes before an attendant grabbed it). They also did nothing to put shorter kids in front besides make an announcement once which of course the bewildered kids weren’t going to follow. So the PhotoPass pictures don’t show everyone. I work with kids - and this could have been easily done. The kids were all trying and behaving, they just need good instruction.

Anyway just thought my experience may help others. We definitely had our expectations raised too high for this - and the tip about saving a viewing space we had missed.


I can echo many of your comments. We did JTA in January and were somewhat underwhelmed by the process. I’m speaking only from the point of view of the parent. My DD enjoyed herself, with one exception. One of the female handlers was rather rough with her and hurt her wrist. I didn’t know about this until much later but it happened when they take kids by the wrist to direct them to some location. The kids wear magicbands. Grabbing that put pressure on her wrist. She never complains about anything but this was more like a violation than anything else. Don’t know why they are putting hands on the kids.
I figured by now, JTA would be a really well oiled machine. It felt pretty amateurish until adult jedis started doing their thing.
I’m thinking that was a one-and-done for us. So much hype and interest in it but I think it needs improvement.

I’m very sorry to hear that your experience was not a good one. We did JTA earlier this month, and we had a great experience. The kids were arranged by height and when they put them on the stage, the smaller ones were in the front areas and the larger kids were in the back, so everyone was able to see. I have excellent PhotoPass pictures, as well as pictures from my own camera, of all 3 of my sons, ranging in age from 4 to 10. I totally agree that they should not have added Seventh Sister as the second opponent, as virtually no one knows who she is. I hope that you will give it a chance again next time, because I feel it can be very well run. It must depend on the day!


I’m glad you mentioned the photo pass. Our pictures were really great and I’ll treasure them forever. So, I guess there’s good and bad in everything, and overall our experience was more good than bad.

Thank you for posting your experience. We have not done this, and are really looking forward to it in June. I know everyone’s time is very precious, but it would be doing those of us who come later such a favor if folks could write Disney about their experiences – ideally, praise for the CMs who did it well, and suggestions for what could be improved. With this revamped experience in particular, there may be opportunities for growth and improvement that would make the experience better in the future.

Mouseplanner: What time did you arrive in morning? Pre-RD? How did that work, did someone lead you to sign-ups, or y’all just headed straight there? Choice of shows, or barely made it? Etc.

We arrived nearly an hour before rope drop and were second in line. At RD we walked quickly following others to the store that serves as sign up location and were maybe 7th in line there and had our choice of shows.
Then we went to TSM and got into a 15 minute line. After one ride, the line was already at 1 hour.