Jedi Knight Training at end of Feb?

My 4 year old son would love to do the Jedi knight training at HS. We will be there on Feb 27th. What do you think our chances are of getting a spot for him? I’m not willing to sprint there when the park opens or tackle any other moms in order to get a time slot.

If you’re there relatively early, you should be able to get a spot without sprinting or knocking other people over. However the earlier you get there, the more likely you get a spot - or at least one that isn’t at the end of the day.

What are the crowd level numbers fir when you are there?

Thanks! I believe HS is slated to be a 4 that day.

If you make rd and go to sign up first then no problem but arriving 30 minutes after rd you might be too late.Most days sign up closes within an hour of park opening and being in the queue for sign up does not guarantee a place.

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We went first week in Dec (sch 4 day) at rope drop (only time I did rope drop) and were about 20 people deep. Took us 45 minutes to get done with sign ups and our show was scheduled for 4:30.

Even with rope drop your chances are tight if not at the front of the line.

That said, I DEPLORE rd but would do it again in a minute for Jedi training. Kid loved it, was one of the highlights of the trip.