Jawas and trading

What seem to be the best items to trade with the Jawas ? Thanks .

They like anything shiny or things that glow in the dark. My friend and I had these big plastic rings that light up and blink. They practically ripped it off my finger. So funny!

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Thanks - looking forward to trading

Hi! This sounds so fun. When does it take place? Is it all the time or just during the Star Wars weekends?

Launch Bay all the time, I read somewhere? But maybe not too early in the morning.

Awesome, thanks! My boys are going to flip. :grin:

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As far as I can tell, they accept anything. My father gave one his empty Mickey ice cream wrapper, and got a highlighter in return!

Do they give you something in return?
Or just take something from you?

It’s always a trade, so you get something. Whether it’s something of value may be in the eye of the beholder though…

No they do not always trade. We visited them on 2 seperate days. The first day there were 3 trading. They each had 2 diff bags for trading. 1had crap stuff like bottle tops etc yhe othervhad necklaces toy cars. We all traded with good things like rings and Mcdonalds toys and got good items back They weren’t stopping for photos that day… Everything they got they traded on. 2nd day they interacted and did photos with us but didn’t trade at all. We tried 3 times over a 2 hr period. They had nothingbin their pouches to trade with us.

What is the Jawas you guys are talking about? Like from Star Wars. My 9 yr old dd loves Star Wars. Disney had nothing Star Wars last time we were there 5 years ago.

I traded a local button and got a Keychain

I thought it was a stylus and put it in my purse. I twisted or and it has a flathead screwdriver and phillips head screwdriver. Good size for fixing glasses.

I heard glow Sticks and necklaces make good trades. Shiny and useful.

Yes, the jawas from Star Wars trade in the Launch Bay in Hollywood Studios.

I suggest that if you are taking kids with you and want them to trade with the Jawas, do not tell them about it in advance. I made this mistake. We spent time at home looking for the perfect ‘space-junk’ to trade with them. My kids were extremely disappointed when the Jawas did not trade with them. If you want to do this with your kids, have something simple and shiny for them to try, but do not tell them about it in advance. Just make it up in the moment.

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