January or March

I’m going to go to Disneyland for two days with DS 21 on one of his college breaks. Would you go January on a Tuesday and Wednesday before the MLK holiday? Crowd levels are 3 out of 10 for Disneyland (Tuesday play) and 6 our of 10 for California Adventure (Wednesday plan). Or should we go over spring break instead when weather would probably be nicer with less chance or rain. Our crowed levels though jump to 7 for Disneyland and 9 for California Adventure. This would be that Tuesday and Wednesday that is in the third week in March, a popular spring break week.

I’m torn and would love to hear which you would do and why?

We went this March 14-16, a week prior to their “peak” spring break times. Crowds were big (they predicted 7/10 and I think actual was 9/10 - and it felt like it). Perks to going in March are weather (like you mentioned - it was around 80’s our whole trip), extended park hours (8-11), and no major rides were on the refurbishment schedule. So it was crowded, but nearly all attractions were open, for longer time. If I had to choose, I would choose the lower crowd level though (but that’s just my preference) and sacrifice a few rides and the extra hours.

Thanks so much Kim. I appreciate your opinion. I’m leaning toward January at this point too. I don’t mind the shorter hours and closures. Lighter crowds sound magical. I think my only concern really is the weather. Hotel prices and flight are less expensive in January too.

I know we’ll love it no matter what. And we know enough to be sure to bring clothing to handle all contingencies. But reasonably nice weather would really be wonderful.