January 6 - 10 Crowd Calendar was WAY off

Not complaining, but was surprised that the crowd calendars were off by 4 or more points each day. We had a great trip and would not attempt a trip without TPs, but was just wondering why the crowds were so much bigger than expected? Did the snow in the north cause families to extend their vacations past race weekend?

No idea, but I just wonder if the new opening show announcement made some ppl want to check it out, and then plan a quick trip around it?

Could very well be since MK had the highest crowds all week

I am an annual passholder and I can verify what you have said. We went to AK on Friday, predicted to be a level four and it was a 10. We are rethinking our strategy because this has happened to us the last three times we have gone. Our new strategy is to concentrate on our touring plan: When making our plans now we expect the opposite and bring our patience.

When we went to AK last week we started out with Planet Watch and ended with Everest. My kids road Everest in the evening 3 times in 20 minutes!

Yea - we were very patient. Me, my husband and two college age sons. Was a bit disappointed that there were some things we could not do because stand-by line of 70 minutes was just not worth it, but we squeezed in things not on the plan, because we skipped things that just were not worth the wait. We had a great time, but was shocked that even during FAWF the wait times were less. My new saying is “maintain a program of MAXIMUM flexibility”

Hi, I’m a relative newbie to this forum but have really enjoyed reading and learning about touring plans! I don’t know for sure of course but I wonder if the increase in crowd levels was because of when the Christmas school vacation was this year. For us it went from Dec 23 until Jan 9 and so I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people decided to take advantage of those 2 weeks after Christmas to leave for a vacation. I know we considered it but had already planned on going to WDW in Feb. Just a thought…


Yea; I think it’s becoming harder to count on a certain crowd level. All the more reason to have a good plan in place and to be flexible

I’m a weekday select passholder and I have to say, I agree! It was very frustrating.