January 22-25 update this morning

I just received an update for our trip in two weeks and literally went from looking like a great week to go to the worst.1/22 at Magic Kingdom went from a crowd level 4 to a 7. 1/23 at Epcot only good news 4 to a 3. 1/24 we had planned at Hollywood studios went from a 4 to a crowd level 10 - I’m so upset! I can’t change anything now because I’ll never get fast passes. Overall crowds changed from 5,3,3 to 7,7,6. How could it change so poorly so last minute. Super frustrating, so much planning.

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I’m going that same week. Just remember that these are just predictions, the crowds will be what they are going to be whether the predictions are correct or not, and you should update your touring plans. when I updated mine this morning, the overall wait times either didn’t change or went up a very small amount (think 10 minutes over the entire day). A plan is much more important than what the CL is for a specific day. You have done your planning…and now you can at least plan for something worse and maybe be surprised instead of planning for light days and being disappointed because the crowds were much higher than predicted.

I’ll be there that week…I know I got a terrific deal on the room, and it’s also the first week of the Festival of the Arts.

I haven’t checked the CL, I don’t pay a lot of attention to those things and tend to just “wing it” while we are at WDW.

Buttttttt, we go all the time and I have different goals for my vacation time there than most. If I miss something, I’ll be back the end of February.

I’m sure the TP team has a reason for the update. Maybe room inventory + FPs??

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There are a lot of posts discussing the recent changes, so check them out. In the meantime, there is a TP Blog post where the experts discuss the recent changes:

We will also be there during those dates and things have drastically gone up. We are planning the 24th for hollywood studios and its now a 10 for crowd level. :frowning: I thought about trying to move days around, but dinning reservations and fast passes are booked. We are just going to have to go with the flow. I did plan my park days based on the crowd levels so I understand how you are feeling.

Thanks all! If anything good has come out of this it’s thay I totally did not understand how to use touring plans. When you said you updated yours and the wait times didn’t change I had no idea what you meant lol. I literally thought you printed out the plan and that was that - had no idea you could optimize and elaborate if you copy it and it will give you wait times. Talk about Dopey lol