Jan trip starting to come together!

Well, Marathon Weekend May have gone virtual, but my trip is still on!!

Today was ADR day, so it is coming together now.

Resort - as per my usual - has changed a few times (once not being my fault as it was to be Poly and they decided to do all the renos now), but yesterday finally settled on Yacht Club. A first for me! :slight_smile:

I arrive at night on Jan 6, so my ADR window opened today. Did a couple of flips because certain things made more sense (like Chef Mickey’s made more sense on MK day than AK day). We all know me, so things are subject to change, but here is where things stand now.

Animal Kingdom
7:20 Breakfast at Ale & Compass (I am not wedded to this one, but it made the most sense of available ADRs)
Lunch will be Satu’li
6:45 dinner at Boathouse (on Open Table…night shift this back a bit to later to be able to enjoy every moment of the park…or might just do QS at Springs)

7:45 breakfast at Ale & Compass
Snack at FOTA booths
6:45 dinner at La Hacienda (will keep looking for a later time since park hours extended)

Animal Kingdom
7:45am breakfast at Topolino’s Terrace
Lunch at Satu’li (maybe)
4:45pm dinner at Tiffins

Magic Kingdom
7:30 breakfast at Chef Mickey’s
Lunch probably just snacking
5:55 Skipper Canteen (will keep checking for BOG as I really want that…but not at 3:15pm)

7:30 breakfast at Trattoria
11:45 or 1:05 lunch at SciFi (my flight is at 7pm…there were 2:15 and 2:30 slots at SciFi but I don’t know how on-schedule they run and would rather not be rushed - figuring pick-up will be 4-5)

Tweaking obviously will be happening, but overall I am pretty happy with it.


Sounds pretty enjoyable so far!

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Oooo sounds great! Yacht club will be fun to stay at—- looks so pretty!

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Thanks y’all!!

Sounds great!!!

I am sure you will have a great time!


Thank you!! I’m soooooooo ready to be back home!!


I am missing it so much and I was just there


I can imagine!!

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Slight change. No more Sci-Fi.

Beaches and Cream in its place.

I just feel better being back close to YC for DME pick-up rather than risking running late at Sci-Fi and having to rush.


Can I ask why 2 full days at AK and only the half day at HS?

Because I LOVE AK and really only like Tower and would be interested in MMRR at Studios. I am not a Toy Story fan and I have ZERO interest in Star Wars.

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Good plan! I’ve always wanted to eat there.

If that is the case I would suggest maybe making that a half day in the middle of the trip. You could show up later to the park and avoid those first 2 hour crowds at HS. The afternoon at HS is so much more enjoyable right now.

It makes the most sense right now since it is walkable to and from Yacht Club to have it on departure day rather than having to cut a day at AK or MK way short because of bussing back and forth.

The possibility (maybe probability) exists that I change it to Epcot since it’s FOTA and I could theoretically eat at the booths (assuming there are enough gluten-friendly options) or try Regal Eagle. Then I would only have the breakfast ADR that day which is Trattoria and would be fine as it’s in the area.

We love the breakfast at Trattoria. Had it twice and it is good and not nearly as expensive as some of the other breakfasts.

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I’ve only done it as the character breakfast but enjoyed it.

I get Star Wars isn’t for everyone…but I would still make an effort to pass through SWGE. The theming is just incredible. Worth seeing the incredible Imagineering in the same way that appreciating the beauty of Pandora at AK doesn’t require you to have even seen Avatar.

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I would rather give the space to someone who gives a rat’s patootie.

I wasn’t meaning to ride, just to look around. Making a pass-through kind of thing.