Jan 2022 Yikes!

Crowd levels just jumped from 3 to 9 or 10 for my trip the first week of January. I didn’t think it would be so busy with schools starting back that week. Might need to change the trip. We are not a CL 10 sort of family! Looked in early December, but many of the resorts are sold out.

Anyone have any guesses for other less crowded times? I know it is hard to predict this year, but what do you think?

The marathon weekend will be at the end of that week, from Thursday onwards.

And maybe not all schools will go back right after New Year? I know here (Scotland) we don’t finish until the 23rd Dec. Instead we have all that first week of January off and go back the following week.

We don’t know yet if marathon weekend will return, but with more people traveling, and less attractions, wait times are higher. Yes.

I forgot about the 50th. No wonder it is so busy starting in October. We have a trip in August right now. Fingers crossed we can get into the US in August and then we can move January to later in 2022 when we would normally go.