Jan 2019 Trip

Ok looking for feedback on my park days as trying to make a plan for my fastpasses and second guessing my original plan. I have been getting feedback on chat but when I am helping other plan I like to know the whole story and 255 characters is just not enough sometimes!

Background: Myself, my husband, 4.5 year old daughter who I am hoping will be 38", 2.5 year old son. This is our second family trip to Disney… went when kids were 2.5 and 6 months. Last trip we did RD-noon then back to room and then 4-7 ish most days. That was too much time travelling back and forth but with 2.5 year old who needed to nap but wouldn’t take a nap in the stroller not much options. So trying to plan less days with a break and more half days this trip to cut down on travelling as we will be relying on Disney busses. My husband and I went together once before (actually got engaged there) and I have been about 3 times prior as a child. I am an uber planner and enjoy having most of the decisions made now so I don’t have to stress on vacation. Kids tend to make this more difficult as my kids. Read chat daily so knowledgeable on recent changes. I’ve had touring plans made way before we decided to go back to Disney :stuck_out_tongue:

2019 Trip: We are staying 9 nights at POP and will have 7 day tickets. Planning one non park day in the middle. Only riding rides the kids can go on except want to do FOP and maybe soarin’. Will use rider swap for those and any of the rides my 4yr old can do that 2 yr old is too short for.

UPDATED Current Plan:
Day 1: Fly and check in to POP
Day 2: Animal Kingdom 8:00 - 2:00
Day 3: Epcot 8:00 - 4:00 (PPO Garden Grill)
Day 4: Magic Kingdom 9:00 - 12:00 / 4:00 - 9:00 (Fireworks Dessert Party)
Day 5: Break day
Day 6: Hollywood Studios 8:00 - 2:00
Day 7: Animal Kingdom 3:00 - 8:00
Day 8: Magic Kingdom (11:30 Crystal Palace)
Day 9: Magic Kingdom
Day 10: Fly home super super early

Looking for feedback on my plan: I am trying hard not to schedule too much but my kids aren’t great about just hangin out in a hotel room. The weather will depend if we go swimming or to a water park. Wondering if I should do 2 days Epcot or Animal kingdom and if 3 magic kingdom days is too many. Maybe thinking of switching day 6 and 7 as I try to avoid late night with early morning.

Thanks for any feedback you have.

Is there a specific reason you want to do late on Day 6 at AK? My kids are similar ages & I don’t think I would do this. I would probably do an early start after a break day personally.

Otherwise I think your plans look good. We have an 8 day trip coming up & we have 4 MK, 2 AK, 1 EP, and 1 HS.

I have never seen River of Lights and kinda wanted to see it and Pandora at night. But yeah kids go to bed at 7 and younger one naps in afternoon so morning make much more sense. Only other nighttime show I am planning is HEA. But don’t think I should do HS next morning as we will need to be there early as will want to do all toy story rides. So thinking of switching those 2 days.

The only question that I have is about when during January you’re planning to be there?

Marathon Weekend (really, nearly a full week) can snarl up morning traffic a couple days in early January, mostly on Marathon Sunday, and being aware of it may complicate your plans - in that it could require an earlier departure from your hotel in order to make the early park hours you’re showing in a few cases.

Going January 27 to February 5 so hopefully that’s after marathon weekend.

Quite a bit after, actually!

You will not have to deal with any of the race crowds.

I’m going to be there January 27 to February 2! (God willing)

I will be honest- I think your kids will be bored by RoL. It’s very slow. Not sure your family dynamics, but could your SO put the kids to bed that night & you go back that night to see it alone?

I just know my kids would wake up at 6am anyway & not nap if I planned a day like that :wink:

Looks reasonable to me. I will be there Jan 26-Feb 2 and plan on staying at AK until 8pm close with 2 kids 5 and 7. My kids are usually awake until 8pm most nights so I don’t think it will be an issue.

Totally agree with you BoilerMom as I had a similar plan last time for HS late start after nap to stay to see fantasmic. Of course she wouldn’t take a nap that day so I can see that happening. Luckily as of now DS2 is pretty consistent about napping but January is still a ways away in kid terms. Think it will depend on when I can get FOP FP. May plan to be flexible that afternoon/evening. I wouldn’t need to sit down and see Rivers of Light maybe catch a glimpse as we head out of park before it finishes.

The problem isn’t really staying til 8. It’s the time it takes to get back to hotel and to bed which could take 1-2 hours then we have a problem.

Wish I could have DH take them back and put to bed but my son will only go to bed with me.