Jambo in February

Hey there!

We are booked for a two bedroom lockoff, Savannah view at Jambo in February. Has anyone stayed there recently that could give me expectations of what it might be like if conditions stay the same through February? We will have a 2, 3, 5, and 7 year old with us🤪

The reality is that until they open up the AKL regular rooms, they are unlikely to open up anything at Jambo House. And since AKL is a large resort it may well be the last of the Deluxes to re-open.

The pool is open, and sometimes the pool bar opens at weekends - not sure if that is the case every weekend. Kidani is open and you can use the gym, pool, store and so on. Sanaa does a QS breakfast and then TS lunch and dinner; it also does the mobile ordering take out but the wait can be long.

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Everything I’ve read is that it’s eerily quiet and the food situation is terrible. But the pool and animals are there.


I am staying there for two nights 11/29-11/30. I will definitely be doing a trip report so stay tuned!

I was there for two nights in October. If you’re there for any length of time, I would definitely order in some groceries for snacks and such. It feels very quiet but the desk is always staffed. There is a shuttle to Kidani. We only needed it once and it was right there waiting for us. With some planning around food, I think you’ll be fine. I love it at AKL because of the animals and they are on full display!