Jambo house thoughts

Well in 14 days I will be arriving at Disney staying at AKL for 2 weeks in a standard view 2 queen bed room and my questions are .??

  1. Have all the rooms been renovated yet
  2. What toiletries do you get in bathroom (save on packing)
  3. And how long should we give ourselves to get to all 4 parks for dinner reservations etc
  1. I have no idea
  2. Can’t help with this either as we stay DVC
  3. An hour. The actual bus ride to AK park is short, like 5 minutes, but the walking to the bus, the waiting for the bus to arrive, the actual travel time, the walking into the park etc all take time. For sure you’ll get to AK faster than to any other park and MK will take the longest. The actual travel time from AKL to MK is probably close to 25-30 minutes.

I can help with question 2 - we stayed there in July! You will find soap, shampoo and conditioner are in large bottles in the shower. There was an individual bottle (smaller one) of aloe, a shower cap and a bar of soap in the bathroom area.

We stayed in 4265 (2 queens, standard view I think) and enjoyed the views out our balcony!

Jambo House Thoughts: Swoon. Home. Need to go back.


I was going to ask a similar question. We will be there the same time as you. I was wondering about the renovations specifically. We are staying in a pool view room and wondering if they were all renovated and if anyone has a favorite.

Always best to allow an hour from leaving the resort (ie on the bus, not leaving your room). Most times you’ll arrive ahead of time, but there may be times when and hour is just enough

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Thank you all this as been a great help

I think kudu and pool view rooms have been renovated from what I’ve read.