Jamaica Adventure Falls & More for Thrill Seekers Excursion

Trying to plan our excursions for our first disney cruise in June and we were looking at doing the ‘Adventure Falls and More for Thrill Seekers’ excursion in Jamaica (https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/port-adventures/falmouth-jamaica-adventure-falls-thrill-seekers/). Has anyone done this excursion before and can tell me anything about it? We will be one adult and three kids (8, 12, 17). The eight year old does not want to zip line and we thought this might be a way for us to switch off staying with the eight year old while the rest of us could zip line. Then we could all go river tubing etc. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Sorry for the long question and any advice is appreciated!

We did the zip line and kayak there 2 years ago. The zip line is very tame if that’s helpful also really enjoyed kayaking. Be mindful of the time at the excursion, we really only had time for those 2 things plus lunch. The ride there was the scariest part!!