Ivy Trellis Salon at Grand Floridian

I have been trying to contact the Ivy Trellis Salon today and I can’t reach a real person. I have tried 407-824-2332 and 407-939-7727. Both numbers give you the option to press 2 for salons. After that, there are no options and they keep repeating all the salon hours over and over again. Anybody have any ideas or another # to try?

407-824-1679 - direct to them

Great! Thanks!!!

I will admit that I booked an adult package for myself. Before MNSSHP - which I will be doing instead of resting before the party LOL
Ok - I am willing to be mocked! :upside_down_face:

i just booked a package for my daughter and me too :slight_smile:

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Well at least you have a daughter to do it with - I am on a solo trip LOL
However - I know when I am actually at Disney I probably won’t feel uncomfortable at all. The Disney magic just sucks me in and pretty much nothing bothers me - plus I am spending time making my costume for the party (Queen of Hearts) and since they will do any character theme - including villains - I think it is going to be so fun!!!

I think it will be so much fun! Doing it before MNSSHP is a great idea!