I've tweaked our times so we won't kill ourselves

So on the suggestion of many here I’ve tweaked the times we’ll be at the parks to make them a bit more reasonable and make sure we won’t end up in ER. Do you think this would work?

Day 1 HS - 9am - 2pm (back to the hotel for rest) HS 4:30-9:30 (6pm ADR stay for Fantasmic)
Day 2 Epcot 11am - 8pm
Day 3 MK 8am -12pm (rest day at the hotel)
Day 4 AK 8am - 1pm (back to hotel) 4pm - 9:30pm
Day 5 MK 8:30am -3:30pm (back to hotel) 6pm - 9:30pm (7pm ADR stay for fireworks)
Day 6 MK 1pm - 6pm
Day 7 Epcot 12:30pm - 11pm (6:30pm ADR evening EMH)

Then we have a 5 night cruise to recover.

My girls are night owls and energizer bunnies, and we’ve done 4 days straight, 10 hr days at Disneyland Paris before (admittedly we were all exhausted). The only tricky one will be late night day 4 and early start day 5. It’s so much better than it was though.

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The thing is, you can always be flexible.

If you all want to stay in the park for longer, then do it! Or even if some want to go back and swim, whilst others want to stay, then why not?

The only time my family have toured the parks all together from beginning to end, was when we stayed off-site. Ever since first staying on-site, and then joining DVC, we often split up. DH rarely does more than 4 or 5 hours in a park.

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Now that’s a plan I can get on board with. The last Epcot day is a smidgy bit long for me but with the cruise coming up after I think you can push through.

Can’t remember where you are staying, but 2.5 hrs isn’t much time for a break once you take off travelling time. If it was me, bearing in mind my family doesn’t have as much energy as yours, my girls love playing in the pool, and for us doing less if often more enjoyable. Day 1 I’d get a lunch ADR for Fantasmic, and call it a day mid afternoon. Then on Day 2 I’d catch the boat to HS mid/late afternoon for the evening entertainment including Fantasmic (you don’t have to use for Fantasmic ticket the same day as the ADR, the ticket says something like within 4/5 days. We used ours a day later than what it said, but no one checked. This only works if you have park hoppers. Day 3 I’d probably stay till mid afternoon. Day 4 will probably be a long day if you need to rope drop and want to see ROL, only you know whether the break from the park is worth the hassle of trekking back to your resort, lunch at Sanaa or AKL might be an alternative. Day 5, either change your ADR to day 6, or start later in the day. Day 6 I’d do the opposite of day 5. Day 7 looks good.

This looks better. I would recommend at least 3h breaks due to travel time. 4h better. I might make the 1st MK day little longer (leave 1-1:30) so can make 2nd day MK break time longer. Since you have a 3rd MK day consider entering park 2nd MK later after the late night before. But this is something you’ll likely figure out once there and make changes on the go if your peeps are tired or not. Overall much better pace that will allow you to enjoy things better.