I've opened a can of worms

Sorry for the double posting, BUT, they are separate inquiries, and you guys are just so helpful, if as a soundboard at the very least.

In my last post I received some great feedback re: fireworks viewing/desert parties @ MVMCP and Enchantment. I think it would be most beneficial to consider this for an upcoming girls trip: March @ the Riviera.

I was hoping for some feedback for a couple of questions I have about my tentative itinerary for my upcoming trip. I have ADRS planned, but am open to re-working my plans as we are currently 48 days out. I’ll start with the background info: 12/10-12/16 @ BC. We will be driving in from CLT. I prefer to drive through the night to avoid anxiety-inducing traffic, and like to have my car for these longer trips. Arrival time will likely be between 7-9am. This trip is for my partner and I (maybe 30 & early 40’s)- to celebrate xmas with each other and will be our gift to each other outside of decorating the house like the Griswold’s. Name of the game this trip is CONNECTING! We will be focusing on being with each other and celebrating all the (small & large; it has been a tumultuous year for us and we have landed very happily on our feet despite what has been thrown at us) victories of the year and each other. I want to truly relax and take in the magic of the holidays at WDW. So many other trips have been go, go, go and the few that we have made a point to slow down have been incredible. This is our new preferred touring style. It can be done you just must be intentional, hence PLANNING a trip that allows for spontaneity and relaxation.

So here’s what I have so far:
Sat: (AM arrival at BC) 6:30 FF ADR and plan to see F! for second viewing
Sun: Topo’s for a sunset ADR
Mon: LC ADR @ 7:50 prior to EDMH @ EP
Tues: 3:45 ADR @ 'Ohana, drinks @ Trader Sams, MVMCP
Wed: 7p ADR @ Yachtsman prior to EDMH @ MK
Th: 6:30 ADR Ogas for drinks, SciFI ADR @ 7:45 prior to EDMH @ HS

I have not made APR’s yet, because I have to wait for CM booking to open up. Will make those once they open up, usually about 30-45 days out. Will utilize G+ to eliminate the need to RD.

Here are my questions and where I’d love your feedback:

  • Would you do 'Ohana dinner followed by Trader Sam’s, or would you omit 'Ohana and get small plates @ Trader Sam’s? This is prior to MVMCP.
  • Does anyone have any feedback re: the spas at BC and/or GF? Am I correct that you must be a GF guest to make reservations at their spa? Do we think BC (ShipShape) will be open by this time?
  • We have been for the holidays, so I know there are a ton of places to explore; do you have any things you do on your resort days that are great for a couple?

If you have read this far, thank you and I am excited to read the feedback :rainbow:


I can only speak to the Trader Sam’s question. I would skip Ohana and get your name on the Sam’s waitlist early. I think they currently start taking names at 1ish, which means that you would have a hard time timing your meal, getting to Sam’s within the allotted time and then not having the experiences eat up too much of your MVMCP time. I think once you get the notification from Sam’s, you only have 15 min to get back there.

It sounds like an awesome trip! Maybe add a stop to Abracadabar before FF? I’ve also seen people do a monorail crawl of seasonal drinks that looks like fun and would give you a chance to look around the resorts.

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I have never been to Ship Shape or the GF spa, but I got a massage once at the Mandera spa at the Swan/Dolphin that I really enjoyed. It is open and you don’t have to be staying there to book spa services.


I think Abracadabrar sounds like a wonderful place to pop into before FF, thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile: :grinning: I do wish the lounges opened up earlier, from what I’ve seen they’re mostly 4pm openings. Even at home we are lounge dwellers- we’ve found the couple’s hack of splitting entrees w/ apps so that we don’t have an abundance of waste and get to sample the menu. Why is it so much to ask that we can sit at a bar at 1pm at ou resort, WDW!!!.. rant over.

Have you been to JellyRolls? I want to try to make it a post dinner destination after Topos. My dear friend Alfred (y’all ask for him to be your server, he is an incredible CM but maybe also eye candy?) at Topolinos does not usually allow for this as he is notorious for recommending a great glass (or 3) to accompany what is already such an indulgent meal, which results in a night cap and sleepwalking back to our room. Maybe I will have some will power…


I’ve never made it to JellyRolls because I travel with kids in tow. One day!

Ok, looks like I have an assignment! Thank you for that brilliant idea.

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Well, you have plenty of time to think of your song request! :joy:

I think I’d love to hear a piano playing some Grateful Dead to start off the trip :heart:

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I wish my assignments at work were this easy, thanks for the link

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@Kkalfordw So, full disclosure, for the past decade I have owned or managed hair salons/spas. My newest endeavor is with a massage & facial spa so I have slightly raised my eyebrows at their pricing. Even considering what I’ve seen at WDW resorts. How was your experience? I could allow for that considering this is a holiday trip and again, there is a large presence of celebration during this trip- tooting horn: was screwed over HARD in business earlier this year and landed the job I WANTED with a significant raise… trying to be a good person pays off as you liners know!!

I would love the opportunity to snoop at a WDW spa facility, so I have to say GF or BC would be preferred for THAT reason, but that reason alone. How far in advance did you schedule your service? I will not betray my nail tech EVER even at WDW though, so I’d stick to massage and facial services. I do have boundaries :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Maybe 3 weeks in advance(?) The pricing is a bit on the higher side, but comparable to the Senses Spa at GF at the time. I have also had a massage at the Orlando Waldorf Astoria spa and the Mandera was a much better service and a much better facility. You do get to enjoy the spaces and amenities while you are there, as well. You know how much the service unfortunately depends on the practitioner, though, so YMMV:)

I believe that you can book spa services at GF even if you aren’t staying there. I’m trying to remember which Liners have gone there, but I don’t think they were staying at GF at the time.

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I just revised the prices and you’re right they are very comparable. I was comparing a 50 min. to an 80 min. service. I really think since I am quite lucky with both massages and WDW trips being “perks of the job” for us, that I will book at the Mandara. You’ve convinced me. It will be a super short trip back to BC. This community is amazing and full of enablers :joy:


It looks like the link on disney website takes you to an outside scheduling platform, so it would appear you are correct. I am pretty sold on the swan/dolphin being in walking distance. I am likely to take my journey in my pjs.


You can also ride over on the boat.

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that sounds like a new level unlocked, riding the friendship boat in my pjs. Wow, thanks for the inspo :rofl:


Looking forward to the trip report :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


If these were in the Charlotte area there is a high probability our paths crossed at my prior job.

@LTinNC82 hello!!! can I have more details please??? Of course this isn’t surprising, since we already have this connection here; birds of a feather. I actually just recently shared with my partner this group and how much support and happiness this community has brought me. I’m talking moments before you posted this. I wasn’t… embarrassed per se, but I hadn’t quite shared that I was active on a forum discussing and reading about wdw and everything wdw related. He looked at me and said “I am so happy you had this outlet” and now he thinks this whole thing is awesome beyond just knowing when to hop in line!

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That is awesome! I worked for a major salon retailer and educator. I worked upstairs in the office, but we had a store downstairs and held a lot of classes and demos onsite too. We also had an equipment showroom on site without naming names.