I've made a grave mistake

Told DW that I finally got the magic band I wanted for 10 bucks. She couldn’t believe I would spend that for something I’ll only wear a few days. What will she say about all the truly expensive extras I’ve planned for our trip…


Tell her after!


I hear ya. started going through my ADRS and calculating food costs and well…I might have to cut something :persevere:

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:rofl: I struggle with this same dilemma every time. DW is usually a little shocked when I tell her I booked something, then I’m in the dog house for a few days, but then she always has a good time and forgets about the money. Can’t promise you’ll have the same results.

I think it was DW herself who said to me “easier to ask for forgiveness than permission”! :joy:


yea DH is quite the saver to put it nicely
I always emphasize the “deal” I got by renting DVC points :sweat_smile:


You’ll be in big trouble if she knows in advance!!


Haha, classic move. Present the expensive option, then show how much you saved with all your research and hard work! Love it! :wink:


Haha. The 3 ladies (myself, Ddil & her sister) decided to wait til later (as long as we could)- to tell the guys what the final bill came to @Akershush dinner for us 3 and the 3 little princess fans.

The guys including Dgs had decided to eat fast food across the way @La Cantina.

It’s a good thing we split the party up for this little extravaganza. Check would have come to over $700 if all of us had gone.

I recall it was around $500 for the 3 adults, 3 kiddos. So we had a bit of sticker shock. Disney evidently had just raised price of some of the character places that week I think, oh boy.


right? so easy making those ADRs…but then ya gotta pay the bill


I am in a similar situation. I told my husband about the dinning packages I got for the night time shows and Lion King. So later when I was talking about EMM and the breakfast, I got the distinct impression that he thinks it is part of the DDP. He asked “why doesn’t everyone do this?” Initially I wanted to answer because it is so expensive, but decided to go with “they only release so many tickets.” Now he has not asked what it cost, nor has he said outright he thinks we are getting it with the DDP, so I think I will just keep the cost to myself until after.


This is always my approach too! But look at the deal I got!

We planned to go to Typhoon Lagoon but because DD will be recovering from a broken ankle decided it would be better to skip. She is missing a lot this summer because of that ankle so we decided to go to Discovery Cove (DH agreed without having any idea of cost)

Soooo when I went to buy the tickets, I thought they were $150 and they were $250 (a piece!) Thanks to liner recommendations I found them for the base price of $150 on “tickets at work”. So of course that is how I told DH the story. “Can you believe they were $250 but I found them for $150”

He didn’t buy it, but still humored me and was more convinced when I told him breakfast lunch and drinks were included. And when we get to our BWV I will further sell him on my ability to save $$$


Well I’m the planner for the fam, including extended fam. Last trip were 9 of us, next trip will be lucky 13. And it is lucky, so much fun with these guys!

There’s a few troublesome ones that also kind of show up on our trips, but the emphasis is on the kind of & I just bite my tongue & they go away pretty much.:wink:

So we have an understanding that I’ll make the adrs, and then we can cancel whichever seem too many $ once we’re there. We usually cancel 1 and reduce #people on another.

I did get everyone’s approval for cost of MNSSHP last trip, and why it was worth it. Was it worth it? Well sort of. Though would have gotten much more out of it if we’d spent the time @the show & the fireworks etc. Cousins were enthralled with short lines on thrill rides (their 1st Dis trip), so that 's mostly what we did. Kiddos had a blast & we all had a blast dressing in costumes, so it was cool.

The extra events today are pretty costly, so I mostly avoid them.

We really don’t mind getting up extra early, RDing things like TSland. Didn’t need the EMM or the breakfast (very light breakfast people anyways).

I try to keep the budget in line as much as I can.

One lesson I’ve learned twice now: I need to be careful what time of year for booking room @Dolphin. The price difference is major during spring vacations &convention month (October) vs August etc.

Some things you just don’t share…:money_mouth_face:


Er, did you remind her about the massive cost of her wedding dress? That she wore on one day.


yea…just DH and I this trip and we don’t eat that much anymore so some of the family style or buffets I might just cut. regular TS meals and Cs meals we can split. I will not however give up my cali grill brunch :smiley:


It is a fabulous day. We went last year. So expensive - but so nice. My DH who just knows that it was expensive wants to go back. I said it was probably not an every year thing.

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What is discovery cove?

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I bought myself a limited edition Figment magic band that I used for 4 days and will likely never use again. Dang it, I don’t ask for things all the time, but I wanted this. I called it my Mother’s Day present (and yes, that’s all I got, lol).


That’s the dangerous approach…be warned lol


I learned about it here. It is a Sea World run park. It is almost like a private cruise island. Snorkeling in a (fake) coral reef with fish and sting rays, lazy river where you are swimming next to otters (on the other side of glass) and into an aviary section. All inclusive lockers, breakfast, lunch, snacks basic alcoholic and regular beverages. Limited to 1300 people a day.

They also have a swim with the dolphins experience (which we won’t do) and other spendy upgrades.

DD was sooo excited for Typhoon Lagoon but will be 3 days out of a cast. She is also a huge animal lover, so we decided to spring for this instead (she is missing swim team and other fun activities this summer)
I was so excited (also an animal lover), then put our dates and saw the $250 price tag. My heart sank.

This was the same time as the Sam’s Club and “tickets at work threads” for cheaper APs. Tickets at work has been useless for us, but it finally came through with base rate tickets - $150.

@LaurenB I suspect it will become a favorite for DH!