Ive got a triple park plan per day for this summer!

Think we are going back this summer. Didn’t expect to but have got the bug.

We are planning a week at Portofino in Universal to enjoy the parks and relax etc

We weren’t going to do Disney this time but now I’ve got a 3 day park hopper plan that ticks all our favourites:

Staying at Hyatt Cypress I think this time

Im planning worst case without FOP fastpasses

Anyone done triple parks in a day before? Lol

Day 1
Ropedrop Animal Kingdom - straight to FOP. Then fastpass Kili safari and everest
Head to Epcot for lunch (not sure where yet) and a walk round half of world showcase
Back to hotel refresh
Evening head to Epcot for dinner at Monsieur Paul (another favoourite). Walk round rest of world showcase

Day 2
Ropedrop Epcot - for Soarin. Do a couple of the other rides without queues
Boat to Hollywood studios for lunch at HBD (we love the place). Maybe see a show or two at HS before or after lunch
Evening MK with fatspass for space mountain and pirates or similar then watch the castle and firework show (dinner crystal palace)

Day 3 Ropedrop HS for aerosmith ride and maybe a couple lesser rides or shows without queues
Then head to epcot on the boat and Fastpass test track and another ride (I don’t trust test track for ropedrop in case it’s down)
Another lunch in epcot (not sure where yet)
Evening head to tiffins in AK (our favourite of all the restaurants) then queue for FOP towards end of night

All of our favourites in 3 days (feels like we will get 6 days into 3!) - food being a big part for us! And starting and ending with FOP. If I somehow get fastpass for FOP even better I will fit it in.

I’m excited at the challenge of multi parks over 3 days but I think it gives us loads of experience and fun. The kids will be 18 and 14 this year. It’s the big rides they like and they love the food as well. And we all love world showcase

Question - we will likely have a week at Hyatt regency grand cypress

If we buy a US 3 day park hopper do we have to use it 3 consecutive days or can we spread those days out?

The other days we will just relax and enjoy the hotel and try some other restaurants in Orlando

May eat at some of the other disney hotels like V and A, and the AK one to get more feel for disney etc as well

I think it’s the ultimate trip. Best of universal with more than enough days and express pass regardless and best of disney from our point of view. Little bits of each disney making the days fun. In amongst it we will recharge and refresh as well

You can spread those days out, tickets are valid from14 days.

One thing you haven’t mentioned. Toy Story land will probably be open by the summer. Memorial Day is the front runner at the moment. In case you want to factor in Slinky Dog?

We will be there last late July and early august?

Is toy story land aimed at younger kids?

I’m actually hoping it may divert queues from FOP and other bigger rides we like?

Having said that if it’s open by then I’m sure we would want to experience it

It’s great w can spread the 3 days out

Do you try for fastpasses for the whole week you are there and then just plan your 3 days according to what you can get?

Hope that makes sense?

You’ll only be allowed to book FPs for 3 days, but you can search for FPs for any day and then make your choice. Is the Hyatt one of the hotels that’s getting 60 day FP booking and EMH? If so, make sure to book through the Disney travel company to qualify for the FPs.

Toy Story is aimed at families, but there are leaked videos of the Slinky Dog coaster. I am not a coaster person, I need the illusion at least of solid ground and no sheer drops, so no way will I be riding (7dmt, BTRR are fine, EE, RnR! Space are not)! But this looks pretty good, albeit not super fast.

Would be a bonus if it is one of the hotels with 60 day fastpass

I’ve had a quick Google but can’t find the list of hotels

Will check again tomorrow unless anybody has a link?

Here’s the link–http://disneyspringshotels.com/2018-disney-springs-hotels-new-benefits-extra-magic-hours/

You make this sound like you plan on just walking up to V&A to have dinner there. ADRs for V&A can be challenging to get; if you think you want to eat there, make your ADR at the 180 point. Believe me, it’s worth the effort.

Thanks for the replies guys

I’ve always been able to get dinner reservations before for the places I’ve wanted quite close to my trip but will take your advice re V and A if it’s a tough one to get