Ive been to WDW about a dozen times and ive never

Ive been to WDW about a dozen or so times dating back to the late 70’s early 80’s when i was a kid. 4-5 of those trips coming in the last few years with my DW and DD’s and the most recent in June 2019 with my extended family group of 12.

Of all those times, theres plenty that ive never done or seen. What about you all? Whats some things you’ve never done that you’d like to do?

Things ive never done or seen include…

@ EP, World showcase (besides Mexico, i always seem to rush through. never stopped to enjoy), Mission Space, and some meet n greets and the movie short. Only ever ate at GG, SS, and Mexico.

@MK… Ashamed to say CoP, AO, Buzz, Carpet ride, teacups, carousel, main st. vehicles, shooting arcade, a ton of M&G’s, Caseys Corner and most of the other dining options. (Really only eaten at BoG, CP, and Rays during EMM)

@AK, never did rafikis or the conservation area, the train, gorilla trail, the trails by the tree, Tiffins or any of the quick service, never stopped to see the shows in Africa for more than 2 minutes.

@HS, nerver did RnR, obviously never did SWGE or even the SW fireworks, havnt done a M&G there and never ate at TS meal there.

And ive never been solo…

Im thinking about a long weekend solo trip of firsts. If i were to do it I would definitely want to do a few things. Here’s my top 10:

#1. Have a hot dog at Caseys Corner and a dole whip in Adventureland
#2. Spend an entire afternoon/evening touring WS @ EP. Ive always wanted to try Fish n Chips in UK, Pizza in Italy, dessert in Germany, or possibly a signature meal at one of the finer restaurants
#3. Stay in a boardwalk resort so i can access EP & WS at will.
#4. See fireworks @ HS, explore SWGE, have a meal at 50’s or sci-fi, ride RnR and ToT at night.
#5. Dine at CG and watch fireworks afterwards
#6 try a dessert party at one of the parks
#7. Do one of the MK tours
#8. Eat somewhere nice @ Disney Springs rather than Rainforest Cafe or TRex
#9. Visit all of the resorts ive never seen and explore them
#10. DAH event.


Strictly attractions…

MK: Swiss Family Tree House; Shootin’ Arcade
EP: China film; Mission Space; Canada film
HS: I’ve done everything there except new stuff Toy Story Land and forward
AK: FoP; Kali; Triceratop Spin

Lots of restaurants I haven’t tried.

My new to me list for next trip is:

  1. MNSSHP (specifically meet Jack & Sally, parade, fireworks, dessert party)
  2. Festival of the Lion King Tier 1 Package
  3. Stay at a Disney Resort (I’ve stayed at the campgrounds)
  4. DME
  5. Food & Wine Festival
  6. Toy Story Land
  7. Galaxy’s Edge
  8. Rose & Crown Dinner

I feel like the big thing we had always skipped before our most recent trip was Dumbo, and we’ve done it now.

We’ve never done the Main St Vehicles, and most meet and greets. There are tons of restaurants we haven’t been to. We’ve only stayed at POFQ, and I’m in no hurry to stay elsewhere. The only resorts we’ve visited are AKL, YC/BC and GF for meals, and Riverside just to check it out.

ETA oh we haven’t seen the new Up bird show. And we probably won’t!


I forgot about the Main Street vehicles and it’s on my to do list.

Meet and Greets are important to me and I still need to get Gaston and I have a block of time set aside for the characters in Dinoland.

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After looking at my list im thinking I’ll either need to shorten it or change the long weekend theory to a week. Lol.


When people ask me why I go back, I know it’s because they really have no concept of how big WDW is or how much there is to do there.


Boma, Ohana, Raglan Road or pretty much any other name thrown around on here.

Park wise I believe we’ve done everything we care to do at least once.

Haven’t done Main Street vehicles.
New stuff since May 2016.
Stitches Great Escape


Exactly. I found myself a creature of habit. We loved Ohana breakfast so we always did it each trip, same for Garden Grill and we always seem to hit the same attractions because those are the ones we grew up on or simply love the best. Not saying thats a bad thing but I found that ive missed out on so many things simply because we always seem to do the things we are most familiar with.

As i get older, I find I want to experience different things. And WDW has soooo many different things to offer and they are constantly changing. I beleieve you can go every year and have a different experience each time if you prefer to. What has stopped me from doing this was the fact that im always planning for “the group”. Whether it be DW, DD15, and myself, the group of 12 I just took down, or a combination in between. Im always planning for “THEM”. I cant justify planning an entire aft/eve in WS when i know it will just bore the heck out of most in my group, or even planning to eat at a signature restaurant (fine for me but rather costly for a larger group) and they probably wont enjoy it as much as seeing Mickey stop by the table and sign an autograph.


Repeat meals are the WORST for my crew. They always want the same places.

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I try to do a different resort each time and throw in new restaurants and attractions but still keep most of my faves. this trip will be our second longest ever…9 days. I definitely had to throw in plans to make DH happy. doing behind seeds tour and splittsville so He can watch VT football


Theres so many. Outside of parties, tours and after hours events, the biggest things I havent done are MK- carousel, dumbo, magic carpets, river boat and hall of presidents, EP- watched any of the video experiences at the countries, got a free drink from the coke thing, AK- the new attractions (pandora, river of lights) and Dino Sue, HS- just GE and beauty n the beast. Been 9 times. But am rectifying all of this in Jan 2020, no kids, get to do what I want😂


Sticking with rides/“attractions”…

MK - Main Street vehicles and Tom Sawyer Island (when I was little my dad thought they were extra costs so we never did them; and I still think of them that way) or the Shooting thing - never will either, and frankly I am shocked that it still exists.

Studios - Any of the new stuff from the Frozen singalong forward. I skip this place.

Epcot and AK - I’ve done it all!


What is Main Street Vehicles? Lol

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The trolley and cars that ride people to the hub from the beginning of Main Street.


Didn’t know that was a thing, lol.


This year’s trip was like that for us. I went every year as a kid from 4th grade until I graduated college. My husband and I went a few times before kids and then we started going when our youngest was in 4th grade. They are going into 9th and 7th. This year I told them to research everything they haven’t done and we will do it. They still chose to skip some things like princess stuff and tea cups, and little kid rides (although I had done them during previous years).

But, the new things they did are

Staying in a deluxe hotel (Animal Kingdom Lodge)

The Void at Disney Springs

Peter Pan
The shooting gallery
Country bear jamboree
Tiki room
Meeting Mickey and Minnie
Live action pirates of the Caribbean during the MNSSHP Halloween party
Trying limited deserts and treats such as the strawberry dole whip float and Mickey dome cake
Swiss family
Done all major rides and shows this year and previous

Eating gluten free churros at nomad lounge
The conservation station and animation experience
Seeing pandora at night
Have done all rides and shows during this trip and previous

Visiting and walking through all the counties
Eating in Canada
Mickey short films
Frozen ever after
Except for a few sit downs in Epcot we have done everything else multiple times. We’ve done the food and wine and saw a concert. We haven’t done the flower and garden or Christmas stuff

Indian Jones
Mermaid show
Slinky dog and the rest of toy story land
Fantasmic and Star Wars fireworks
We have done everything else except the beauty and the beast show

So although I’ve done pretty much everything, my boys have a great Disney start.

I haven’t done the Main Street cars, stayed 24 hours, saw the good night kiss or been to Galaxies edge.

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MK - I’ve never ridden the People Mover or Astro Orbiter
AK - I think I’ve actually done every attraction here…haven’t eaten at Tiffins though
EP - I have never been to Canada or ridden Soarin’
HS - Never done Voyage of the Little Mermaid (that will be rectified in a month)

Stitch is my absolute favorite…and Stitch’s Great Escape was such a disaster. I hope they replace it with something super amazing…more like its predecessor Alien Encounter (although that one was maybe too scary for the Disney vibe, I loved it).

Its tough. There are restaurants I know I LOVE (Tiffins) but I also want to try other places as well. I think we booked half and half new places/repeats for my upcoming trip

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Only thing that springs to mind is Country Bears, and the wife has determined to drag me into it this trip