Its the judgment that worries me

My trip is at the end of August, and honestly, its the judgement from other people that is worrying me the most. Its a mother daughter trip with DD6. I have had ample discussions with my husband regarding Disney’s safety protocols, as well as Jet Blue and our own mask ordinances in MA. He is perfectly fine with us going. In reality, we both work in healthcare and are likely being exposed to Covid at work (he, more than me, since he is medic and I work in a lab and have little patient contact) and have so far neither got it nor spread it to our daughter. We haven’t been out doing recreational things even though our state is on phase 3 of opening.
But the feeling of being judged for going to Disney during this whole ordeal is really stressing me out to the point where I think I may just tell everyone I cancelled and go dark on social media for the week.


Haha. I think that’s a good plan! I have a trip planned for the end of Sept, but honestly, I cannot take the pressure of the Disney-pull any more. The low wait times, and pictures of the castle have fully engaged the tractor beam, and I just booked a trip for 2 weeks from now. I just can’t resist anymore!!

Granted, I’m also in healthcare, and I’ll be traveling from my home hotspot (Arizona) to the FL hotspot…so it seems like I have the same risks either way. Maybe even less risk at Disney because of their new protocols, and because I won’t be working directly with patients. Whatever. I’m going. And I’m not opposed to going dark on social media for a weekend. I think it’s brilliant. And I’d definitely rather be dark, and enjoy the Disney magic with just my husband and I than deal with negative junk on social media.


That is our exact plan for our November trip. Have already told friends that we cancelled our Disney trip. Neither DM or me use social media much anyways.


Best way to enjoy WDW anyway! I try to only use my phone for trip related activities and taking pictures.


I drop out of social media as needed.
Have a great trip and who cares what anyone thinks!!?


I think its the more of the aspect of me bringing my daughter and “potentially” exposing her before school. In reality though, she’s already been going to camp, and will be the rest of the summer (and who knows what other parents are doing with their kids)
Logistically we will be masked up from the minute we get to the airport, all the time at Disney except for meals, swimming and being in our room- I feel like the risk of exposure will be fairly low ( i hope).
I feel like I’m being as responsible as I can be with what information I have.
Sometimes living in a small town sucks …


This is what I’m struggling with also. We rescheduled a March trip to October. It was supposed to my my mom, sister, daughter, and me. We rented points and rebooked before the company offered a voucher. My mom can’t come anymore due to high risk but my sister and I are still thinking of going. I just don’t want to hear it from other people about what a bad idea they think it is… unfortunately I can’t go dark on my mom for the week :joy:


It’s between you and DH.


My in laws love to tell us what to do with our money (for the past 22 years :roll_eyes:) so when we went last year, we didn’t tell a soul. They even called us on our cell phone while we were at Epcot and we just played it off that we were down the shore for the day, lol.


Ugh. I feel badly for you that this even has to cross your mind. I am so over all of the judgment that is being flung everywhere with regard to the decisions that people are making for their lives. I say that you go, have an amazing trip, make amazing memories, avoid social media and just keep your immune system as healthy as you can. Undoubtedly, you deserve a vacation, and it’s nobody else’s business what you do. :heart:


Well, I assume you’ve also thought about if there were any risks that you could be bringing it with you and you won’t go if you find you have symptoms, given your job.

The good news is you will be some place where there will be no judgement from those around you, as they will all be doing the same thing as you.

As for people at home… don’t tell them and they won’t be able to judge you. Simple.


I felt the same way when we went on our vacation to the beach last month. We did end up posting a few pics on social media, but we were very selective about choosing the pics with zero other people in them besides us (which was easy to do since the beach, airports, and other areas were not at all crowded). Also emphasized our mask wearing and other precautions.

What I’ve learned watching the coverage (and twitter pile-ons) of WDW’s opening this week is that ONE momentary slip up can become a lightning rod of attention and suddenly people believe that’s what it’s always like. In reality, 30 seconds of not distancing is highly unlikely to cause significant risk if everyone is wearing masks and sanitizing hands. All the protocols Disney has implemented will make WDW very safe in comparison to virtually any other public space.

So yeah, probably best to go dark on social media. But feel free to do a trip report here on the forum! All of us love experiencing the parks vicariously through other Liners and we don’t judge! :slight_smile:


This has been horrible. So much judgement everywhere. Not even simply pandemic judgement but election-year, politics infused pandemic judgement. Made even worse by social media.

I totally understand how you’re feeling. We’ve got a trip booked in 2 weeks. Still undecided. Today I was considering what to tell the kids if we do decide to go and I’m leaning toward having them not tell anyone for like 6 months. Or until the pandemic is over. I can easily tell you “it’s between you guys don’t stress it!” but I totally sympathize with how you’re feeling.


They are not paying for your trip nor will they care if you get even an inbred toenail. Sorry to break this to you amiga, you are on your own with only your DH and DD to look out for you. So their opinion be darned. Enjoy your trip and don’t even let them know you went after your 14 day quarantine should you choose to have one upon your return.


Shhhh… yes we do! We judge every resort choice, food option they picked and photo they post. We always judge them to be perfect and beautiful but we’re easy judges!


Lol. Really? I think there’s a couple WDW topics I wouldn’t touch with a 10’ pole… :laughing:


Ha ha! Yes you and @quicha make a good point. :wink:

We’re going in about 5 weeks. I hadn’t given a thought to people that I know judging us negatively for it. We’ve all been under unprecidented restraint since March. People need vacations in the best of times to relieve stress, etc… To me, vacation time is critical.

Now, the judgement from strangers is nothing anyone can control. The lock down orders have benefited greatly by the fear and unknown that the virus could bring. It’s given some the license to be mask police and expert shamers.

On the plus side, this situation has provided the opportunity for the general public to get a lesson in basic hygiene that should have been taught in kindergarten. Remember not to sneeze on people and wash your hands. Uh, yeah… Give people some space (most looking forward to that physical distancing at WDW). Remember that we are all human and should treat each other the way we’d like to be treated - with basic courtesy.


@Jsanta26 I hate that you (we in general) even have to think about this stuff in the excitement of trip planning.

One of the best advice my father ever gave me growing up was; “You wouldn’t care what people think about you if you realized how seldom they do…”

(Now I realize how this probably doesn’t ring as true in the day of social media as it did back in the 90’s while I was battling HS bs)

but honestly…people in general are self centered by nature, and honestly don’t sit around thinking about you as much as you worry about them doing so.

I’ve probably learned to care a little too LITTLE about what people think about me than I should, ha. However I personally would live, and post, and talk the way I normally would and not go about changing MY normal, or MY behavior to appease others. If you get something nasty on social media, ignore, or block. (but again, I realize that is easier said for some people than done.)

Moral here; Do whatever it is that makes you happy. Don’t worry about what others think, because in reality, they will only be thinking of you for a second before they move on to thinking about their own stuff…or judging someone else :crazy_face:


I too am struggling with a November trip. My concern is the quarantine rules that keep coming and going. Will Florida still have a 14 quarantine for people coming from other hotspots…which means no park admission. Will NY continue to have a 14 day quarantine for people coming back from other hotspots (even though I live in the Syracuse area not tri-state area). My other personal struggle is that I am slated to leave November 6th…right after the election. I’m concerned about civil unrest. I just read through my Allianz travel insurance policy which surprise surprise has civil unrest as an exclusion from their policy.