It's not like riding a bike. Help me with planning some stuff for January

I could’ve sworn it’s a hundred days away, but our trip is actually closing in on the 60 day mark :face_with_peeking_eye:

I seem to have forgotten everything in a year, so I need to fire off some questions.

First of all, I can still book ADR’s for my whole trip at 60 days, right? No recent changes to this?

if my reservation is from jan 10th, can I book ADR’s tomorrow nov 11th (which should be 60 days?) at around 5:45am?

I may need to adjust our arrival date by dropping out one day from the beginning of our reservation (would be doing this clearly after the 60 day period). Will this affect my ADR’s?

So if I book tomorrow for dates other than my arrival date, and then say 15 days from now shorten my trip by one day, is there any effect on the later dates?


I don’t think so. No change I mean. Regardless if you agree with the practice or not, it’s my understanding that this is what allows leading reservations to work. You should be just fine. Good luck!!

ETA: leading reservations :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: doesn’t make sense otherwise :grimacing:

Yes to all of it. (ETA: Yes meaning you are right and everything will work out like you said, and correct it won’t change your bookings.)

You may have to call to change the dates. I was having problems checking on deals/room types online in the “modify reservation” where it wouldn’t recognize all of the money I had paid / wasn’t transferring it all over so I just abandoned it. But every time I have modified by calling, they can see and transfer any straggler payments.

Yes, for arrival day plus the next 10, if staying on-site. If your trip is longer than that, you need to book ADRs as each day gets used up. If you stay off-site, you can only do one day at a time as they hit the 60-day mark.




I didn’t answer the Q about counting 60 days, because I get tripped up by that. You can trust the TP countdown on your dashboard. Remember, it’s 60 days not two months.

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Is it 5:45 AM Eastern Timd now instead of 6:00?

That’s what the few sites I read seemed to say, approx. 5:45

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Yea this was my experience a year ago as well, modifying online didn’t work and even on the phone it was an awkward hassle

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Thanks, yea I just checked on TP and it says 61 days :partying_face:

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