It's not like riding a bike. Help me with planning some stuff for January

I could’ve sworn it’s a hundred days away, but our trip is actually closing in on the 60 day mark :face_with_peeking_eye:

I seem to have forgotten everything in a year, so I need to fire off some questions.

First of all, I can still book ADR’s for my whole trip at 60 days, right? No recent changes to this?

if my reservation is from jan 10th, can I book ADR’s tomorrow nov 11th (which should be 60 days?) at around 5:45am?

I may need to adjust our arrival date by dropping out one day from the beginning of our reservation (would be doing this clearly after the 60 day period). Will this affect my ADR’s?

So if I book tomorrow for dates other than my arrival date, and then say 15 days from now shorten my trip by one day, is there any effect on the later dates?


I don’t think so. No change I mean. Regardless if you agree with the practice or not, it’s my understanding that this is what allows leading reservations to work. You should be just fine. Good luck!!

ETA: leading reservations :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: doesn’t make sense otherwise :grimacing:

Yes to all of it. (ETA: Yes meaning you are right and everything will work out like you said, and correct it won’t change your bookings.)

You may have to call to change the dates. I was having problems checking on deals/room types online in the “modify reservation” where it wouldn’t recognize all of the money I had paid / wasn’t transferring it all over so I just abandoned it. But every time I have modified by calling, they can see and transfer any straggler payments.

Yes, for arrival day plus the next 10, if staying on-site. If your trip is longer than that, you need to book ADRs as each day gets used up. If you stay off-site, you can only do one day at a time as they hit the 60-day mark.




I didn’t answer the Q about counting 60 days, because I get tripped up by that. You can trust the TP countdown on your dashboard. Remember, it’s 60 days not two months.

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Is it 5:45 AM Eastern Timd now instead of 6:00?

That’s what the few sites I read seemed to say, approx. 5:45

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Yea this was my experience a year ago as well, modifying online didn’t work and even on the phone it was an awkward hassle

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Thanks, yea I just checked on TP and it says 61 days :partying_face:

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Planning is progressing slowly. I managed to book the couple of ADR’s I want and just bought tickets as well, wasn’t in a hurry since park reservations are not relevant on our dates.

In the past we’ve rope dropped or headed to parks early, but this time we won’t be jetlagged and have no desire to try and do everything, but rather try and take it easy. And also, I really want to see all parks at night. Will most likely arrive late and stack LL’s and use ILL where needed.

Also, help! I have overlapping resorts booked, Poly and BC, and I’m having trouble deciding which one to cancel. We’ve stayed at Poly twice and the kids love it. I’ve been to BC two decades ago but I’m interested by the refurb, the pool, the proximity to Epcot… Transportation is not a big deal, I consider them equal (Poly has MK, BC has Epcot, otherwise there are more than enough options).

Here is the loose plan as of now:

wed 10th
arrive in Orlando, we have a few plans outside WDW during the day
MK evening around 5pm-9pm

thu 11th
HS from noon til closing
50’s prime time booked for lunch
Oga’s in the evening

fri 12th
Resort and pool stuff
Epcot in the afternoon
early dinner at Space 220

sat 13th
probably AK? Park hours are listed til 6pm on all days :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Or if needed, we could do a non-park day and leave AK for sunday…

sun 14th
No idea - maybe Universal? Can we get last minute tickets on such a date? I’m clueless…

mon 15th
haven’t decided on a departure time yet, possible to do something


pros and cons for the hotels…

+we love it! feels like home
+boat to MK
+fireworks at night, but we’ll try to be at parks late most days
-we’ve been there on our last two trips
-kids are excited about the pool but it’s kinda small

+family has never been
+walk to Epcot
+skyliner option to/from HS
+much bigger pool area
+DS is obsessed with arcades
-not as exciting theming wise as Poly - will it feel like we’re in the bubble as much as Poly?


You can decide the night before, it’s no problem. Just download the UOR app, create an account, purchase the tickets, and they will be in your wallet for scanning. If you want them printed, there are kiosks available before entering the parks.

Orlando Informer has the best UOR discount for tickets if you’re interested.

Funny! I just posted about the same thing on another thread.

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this will be a good option, but I might not commit before hand

Yea I noticed your post right after checking TP for the times, even went to see the WDW to confirm.

I wonder if it’s actually closed at 6pm at some point in the past? Looking at past dates this fall, it’s been 7 or 8pm.

I had looked at many previous Januarys for comparison. Crazy, but pre-covid, AK was open til 8pm every day. This past January was 7pm. If it doesn’t change, I don’t see how they’ll have the Tree of Life Awakenings. With sunset around 6pm.

I do see the Universal parks scheduled to close an hour earlier than last January on many days, so has to be somewhat an attendance projection thing.


AK closed at 7pm this past weekend and they still had awakenings running. But I haven’t checked the sunset charts to see how quickly it is changing. :sweat_smile:

These are my two favorite resorts. They are very comparable as far as pros / cons. They are a good option for split stays since Poly is better for MK and BCV is better for EP / HS.

Stormalong Bay is worth a try. The sand area, lazy river, and slide give all age groups something to enjoy. I personally prefer BCV just a titch more. It feels like home for our family. But I can’t put my finger on why that is. It’s nice that BCV has 2-BR villas so we can have a kitchen and living area.

Since you’ve never been, maybe give BCV a try this time? That’s the only way you’ll know.


Right, sunset is currently around 5:30. So plenty of time for that with a 7pm close.

But later in January, sunset is around 6:00.

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Hope it’ll end up being 7pm!


This would be great! I tend to avoid splits because it’s always a bit of a hassle. Though this time we’re travelling from within FL with much less luggage, so it would be easier. Will definitely consider this.

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