ITS HERE SUPER NINTENDO WORLD 02/17/2023!- The announcement for Hollywood

SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ takes you into the world of Super Mario™. Battle Team Bowser on the groundbreaking Mario Kart™ ride. Play interactive games throughout the land and track your score with a Power-Up Band™. Dine at Toadstool Cafe™, meet Mario and friends, and purchase exclusive merch at the 1-UP Factory™ store. Opens at Universal Studios Hollywood 2/17/2023.

  • and my trip is a month to early!

I’m excited for this! Not sure when I’ll make it there, but hopefully by the time I do the crowds will have thinned out a little.

Passholder previews start January 1/29- we fly home the day before….

Looks like after never have been to California I will be planning a second trip for 2023…

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Soft opening has started…

Talking to kids tonight tp see if we will attempt a “go” next week.


I’ve been watching it on TP Instagram stories and it looks awesome! Looking forward to going someday. :slight_smile:

we been watching this for a while now…my youngest and the one that this upcoming DLR trip was based around has been called into work (again) but I have promised him as soon as he gets back we are jumping back on a plane and my oldest and his +1 will not be able to make a trip with their work schedules for the rest of the year so we are in a conundrum.

Y’all I miss the days of being a bad parent and ripping them out of school for a trip…Trust me disney w/adult kids is way harder to plan than with grammar schoolers.

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We are going in May! 5 days at DLR and 1 or 2 days at Universal. We are going for Nintendo world.