It's happening. . . time to catch up (feeling like a newbie)

Okay, I’m re-planning a trip for this June and I feel pretty lost - so much of my previous knowledge is useless. My FPP prowess is not needed. I’m not setting ADR alerts for early BOG. I haven’t even practiced how to get a BG # for ROTR. What am I even doing with my life?

I’ve decided to book us at the Holiday Inn Disney Springs… so will technically have most of the on property perks, though there don’t seem to be many at this time.

We’re just 2 adults, teacher friends, so we’ll both be vaccinated (hopefully soon) and ready for a brief vacation.

I’ve got our park passes booked: MK on a Tuesday, Epcot on a Wednesday, and Hollywood Studios on a Thursday (June 15-17)

A few questions based on what I would normally do:

Is it possible to visit resorts that you are not staying at? Can you just pop in for a cocktail or do you need an ADR (thinking specifically about GF, CR, and WL - Poly still closed, right?).

I’ve seen some info about some entertainment returning. Any other major announcements or info about returning experiences?

How are the TPs working with all the strangeness. Without me working the SDFPs, I know I’ll need to rely on a solid TP. Are they working out to be pretty accurate as long as you update and use the app while in the park?

What about closing out the night. I know I’m going to miss having fireworks in the evening - any suggestions for closing out the day in each park with a bit of Disney magic?

Let me know anything else that you think might be helpful. I feel like I’m back in the “I don’t know what I don’t know” space.


Isn’t it funny?

I was just thinking about everything I have to do for a December trip, until I remembered I can’t do anything at all!

All I can contribute to this set of questions is that 5 months from now is a really long time as far as park planning goes. Florida was the rogue state that was first to reopen the parks and get things to as normal as could be considering the situations. I would have to imagine they are going to be quietly reopening as they can, while still keeping safety a top priority.

That being said, I imagine resort hopping won’t be an issue in the middle of June unless they keep it as a way to manage expected crowds for the anniversary and the world coming back to “normal”. What I do know is there have been multiple reports of going in without an ADR to the big 3 depends mostly on whomever is at the guard gate that particular day. I would say if it doesn’t work, you can try going back at a different time/day.

I do see, DLR especially, using this time as a “re-boot” for programs they want to sunset. So if things don’t come back, it could be they were just waiting for the right time to pull them anyway.


Poly is not completely closed. Tambu lounge, Captain Cooks and Kona are open since the dvc section is open.

I am hoping for additional shows and restaurants by June.



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I’ll answer a couple of questions based on our December 2020 trip. I’d expect to make adjustments for a June trip.

“Is it possible to visit resorts that you are not staying at?” If you’re on Disney transport then you go to a resort as if you’re staying there. By personal vehicle, I’ve heard of diverse reactions from the gate keeper. We ate at Kona and Whispering Canyon, on MK days.

“How are the TPs working with all the strangeness.” We just winged it. We rope dropped FoP on AK days. Got a boarding pass for RoftR on our HS day. Otherwise we got in line if we were walking by and didn’t mind the wait. Two things about lines in December: 1) a 30 minute line pretty much just kept moving. Not much standing at all. 2) The end of a line might be in a different place than you expect. You may have to walk back down the same walkway until you begin to recognize a line as you’re walking by and look for the sign identifying the line.

“What about closing out the night with a bit of Disney magic?” At MK we watched the Castle and had photos taken. At HS and AK we expected to return but wound up relaxing at our resort instead. At Epcot, we did photos with Spaceship Earth. And had a great meal at Coral Reef.

“Let me know anything else that you think might be helpful.” Mobile ordering for quick service. We struggled with this early in the week. It took a few days to think of lunch almost right after breakfast.
Rope drop was still working in December.
Character cavalcades are awesome!


I’ve seen this a couple places. I already used mobile order quite a bit on my last trip, but definitely not so far in advance. Sounds like it’s basically necessary to put your order in a few hours in advance?

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Here’s a trip report of a family staying off site and using mobile order to gain entrance to various Disney resorts: Our MO/Resort Experience - Live Report 1/22-2/17 - Walt Disney World / Trip Reports - TouringPlans Discussion Forums Right now getting into a resort with your own vehicle is reserved for ppl w/ reservations or ADRs.

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Since you mentioned Character Cavalcades, I’ve been wanting to ask someone who has been recently. I have two littles and we will be going in May. Would love if parades would be back by then, but oh well.

The Character Cavalcades are like “mini parades”, right? Are they scheduled at all, or is it just random and if you happen to see it, then you see it. Is there any way to plan for them? Would hate to be in line and the kids miss getting to see some characters.

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It’s random to avoid people gathering to wait for them. I’ve seen some and missed some. I’d think of it a nice bonus then it’s just excitement when you see ‘em and not a disappointment if you don’t catch them all. You can find a list on the ones operating on certain days and try to keep yourself in the route areas until you catch them all if it’s important.

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Yes. A few hours in advance. Our dilemma is that we’d get a qs breakfast at the park after a rope drop ride. But we’re used to eating an early lunch. Coupled with all that walking. Suddenly we’re hungry at 11:30. Oops.

Makes sense. I get why they are keeping them a surprise to avoid gatherings. Didn’t know if maybe day of they had a schedule or something. We will just plan to think of it as you said, “a nice bonus.” Won’t be disappointed if we miss some.

There are plenty of cavalcades. At most parks you can’t help but see them. You’ll hear them first. They announce with loud music which precedes them. They don’t do one a day. It’s almost more like one an hour. Or 90 min.

There’s not supposed to be a rhyme or reason. If you’re moving around a park for several hours you’ll probably see all cavalcades more than once.

Maybe better for littles since the cavalcades are spontaneous.

At AK they are on the water. Again, loud music precedes them. You get tuned into it.

eta: they are mini. Sometimes a character in a conveyance of some sort. Sometimes a couple of conveyances with characters and some walking dancers. Even sometimes some walking characters. At AK it’ll be a boat - with a couple of characters. If a parade is an entree, cavalcades are tastings.

The spontaneity is joyful.


Also there are characters everywhere. Not where you can run up to them. Over in that grassy area is Pooh with a butterfly net. Or up there is a Storm Trooper. There’s a Country Bear up on that roof. It’s like a big scavenger hunt.


There are some TS restaurants in the parks which have ADR times after the official closing time. You’re able to eat a late meal, then exit through a very empty park. I’m not sure which ones they are.


I did see a Halloween schedule of sorts. Boogie oggie on certain days and evil queens on another. They seem pretty easy to catch

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