Itinerary - Sort Of

So, after a grueling exercise in futility with DH, we eked out our initial plans for meals and breaks at the various parks and resorts. ADR day is Tuesday. Do you see anything out of place or not quite right? MK day is probably the most problematic. DH really doesn’t want to do boat or monorail on our trip.

Info: we will be staying at AKL and we will be driving our own car. Gregg and I both have dietary restrictions, so meals usually take longer than normal. Aneira will be doing her own thing except for some things which she wants to do with us.

12/22 - Driving down to Orlando - 8-hour drive

  • Staying at Embassy Suites at Hilton on International Drive for one night
  • Take a nap
  • Go to Disney Character Outlet on International Drive if we feel up to it

12/23 - Take our things to AKL and leave with porter, pick up ECVs, head to Epcot – 9ish

  • Living with the Land
  • Seas Main Tank & Exhibits
  • Turtle Talk with Crush
  • Coral Reef Restaurant (11ish)
  • Innovations East
  • Gran Fiesta Tour Starring Three Caballeros
  • Spend time at Mexico
  • Leave park for 3-hour rest @ AKL (3:00ish)
  • Return to Epcot around 6ish
  • Go to Norway and look around
  • Eat at Akershus (7ish)
  • Continue looking around Norway
  • Return to AKL
  • Sleep, blessed sleep

12/24 – Get up before the crack of dawn to RP AK on EMH day

  • Be at AK at 6:30 am
  • Aneira heads to FoP; we head to NRR
  • Aneira heads to NRR; I head to KRR; Gregg looks around
  • Gregg and I meet at KS; Aneira heads to KRR
  • All three of us meet at Tiffins to eat lunch (RoL package) (11:30ish)
  • All three head back to AKL for a break (3 hours); Aneira will probably swim if the weather is nice. Gregg & I will take a nap.
  • Return to AK about 4ish and walk around the Maharajah Jungle Trek (missed it last trip).
  • Aneira will probably try to ride Everest or something similar – I will be working on her additional FPP throughout the day
  • Head to RoL around 5:30 together
  • All three of us ride KS at night
  • Aneira will ride something else while we are looking at shops or having a snack or enjoying Pandora at night
  • Leave at end of night back to AKL
  • Eat at Jikos (10ish)

12/25 – Christmas Day – We will be relaxing in the morning, maybe get involved in any activities at the resort.

  • Eat at Sanaa for earliest lunch
  • Head to Hollywood Studios around 1:30 – 2:00

Aneira will ride SDD, ToT, RRCA, and Star Tours while I frantically try to modify after each one, and then continue to add one at a time until it’s time to leave around 6:30 (what a nice mom I am)


  • Gregg & I will go see For the First Time in Forever
  • Gregg will go see Indiana Jones while I go see Beauty and the Beast
  • Gregg and I will go together for M&G with Chewbacca & possibly BB-8
  • Gregg and I will go to Walt Disney Presents
  • We will shop when we are able to
  • The 3 of us will leave around 6:30 to walk to go to Epcot
  • Head straight to Germany where we will look around Germany
  • Biergarten (8ish)
  • Return to AKL for sleep, blessed sleep

12/26 – Aneira’s 17th Birthday, St. Stephen’s Day, Second Day of Christmas

  • Wake up ridiculously early (again)
  • Breakfast at the Wave (8:30 ADR if possible) so that we can park at Contemporary for the day – Gregg won’t be eating – Aneira and I will eat quickly OR Gregg and Aneira will head to MK so that Aneira can go ride 7DMT while I eat breakfast (paying OOP for this one)
  • Head to MK for RD if at possible, will probably be in the back of the crowd.
  • Haven’t finished replanning rides yet since I was going to go in at 10 instead of RDing it.
  • Crystal Palace breakfast/lunch (10:50)
  • Waiting for info on Fireworks/HEA/Dessert Party
  • At some point, we want to go on our DVC tour. That will be our break.

I want to ride/see the following (Gregg’s wishes are bolded):

  • PeopleMover
  • Monsters, Inc Laugh Floor
  • Peter Pan’s Flight (still not sure)
  • M&G Merida
  • PoC
  • Tiki Room
  • Jungle Cruise (day and night)
  • Tom Sawyer’s Island (to get away from the crowds)
  • Tangled Lanterns
  • Aneira wants to do practically everything
  • Leave for a late dinner at Artist Pointe – hopefully see the Electric Water Pageant (what time?)
  • Gregg will probably leave after Artist Pointe (whenever that is) and Aneira and I will go back to MK to finish out the night and then ride a bus back to AKL.

12/27 - Third Day of Christmas

  • Go to AK again to finish up
  • Discovery Island Trails
  • M&G Disney Pals
  • Up! Bird Adventure
  • Wildlife Express
  • While Aneira rides whatever FPs I can find her

Leave to go back to Epcot

  • Visit WS starting at UK
  • Le Cellier Steakhouse (2:00)
  • Canada Pavilion
  • China Pavilion
  • Italy Pavilion
  • American Pavilion
  • Japan Pavilion
  • Morocco Pavilion
  • France Pavilion
  • Chefs de France (8ish)

I haven’t scheduled a break, but if we were to do one, it would be after lunch

  • 12/28 – Last day in the Bubble :crying_cat_face:
  • Pack up and leave stuff with porter
  • Go to Epcot
  • Brunch at Akershus (10ish)
  • See anything we have missed anywhere
  • Head to Disney Springs
  • Look around specific stores
  • Head to Raglan Road for a late lunch/early dinner
  • Head to Cooke’s of Dublin to spend any remaining DP credits
  • If up to it, continue looking around Disney Springs
  • Head back to AKL to pick up our stuff and leave the ECVs
  • Head to Wingate by Wyndham

12/29 – Drive home :crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face:

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I have a suggestion for 12/26- make your Wave ADR earlier than 8:30am. We often book a 7:30am there. Also, MK has opened at 8am to all with 7am EMH the last 2 years on the day after Christmas. Having an early ADR is possibly going to make you very late for rope drop. Crowds at MK are likely to be insane, maybe skip the early breakfast (and eat something from your hotel room), and valet park at the CR so you will be able to be there very early.

I’ve heard on here that people have been turned away from getting into CR on really crazy busy days without an ADR, which is why I thought we could play it safe and have breakfast there. If DH and DD went to rope drop, I could just eat a breakfast by myself and then head over there when done.

If I had had my way, we wouldn’t be going to MK during Christmas week at all. However, it is DD’s birthday, and she has her heart set on Crystal Palace for lunch.

I didn’t see a 7:30 am there when looking at times, but of course, times aren’t even there for the 26th yet. I wish the schedules would post a day ahead!

Just a thought for you for 12/25 and 12/27. It doesn’t look like you & your husband plan to go on anything that really needs a FP. You could always prebook FPP she wants on your bands & plan to meet up & swap bands for her to use your FPP. You could also use change party, but I am doubtful that it will still exist by December.

I was actually thinking about doing that. Thanks for reminding me.

Since it looks like I won’t be able to get Artist Pointe anytime soon, we are going to do Citricos as a backup. What are your thoughts?