Itinerary Help!

I haven’t been to WDW in over a decade, and this deciding where to be which day so far in advance is overwhelming. I’ll be staying at All Star Movies with my boyfriend Dec 7-14 and could use some help with my daily itinerary in preparation for booking FPP.

Fri Dec 8th - MK (AM EMH + Party, CL=3)
My boyfriend has never been to Disney, so this is where we should probably start. We’ll take advantage of the EMH but not the party - maybe DS that night.

Sat Dec 9th - HS (CL=6)
Figure HS is the best to do on a crowded Saturday since there’s less to do? Maybe sleep in if needed.

Sun Dec 10th - Universal (CL=3)
It would be less crowded if we waited until Monday, but we get an extra hour this way. Not sure which is better?

Mon Dec 11th - AK (AM EMH, CL=3)
This one I’m torn about. After a long day at US, I’m just not sure we’ll be up in time to take advantage of an 8 AM RD. But crowds still seem light?

Tues Dec 12th - EP (PM EMH, CL=5)
Epcot is my favorite so I’d enjoy the extra evening hours in the WS, but I’ve heard not as much is open? Not sure if the extra crowds are worth it?

Weds Dec 13th - MK (PM EMH, CL=5)
Last day at MK to see the fireworks and take advantage of late hours before flying home the next day. Will likely sleep in if at Epcot late on Tues.

I’m pretty set on starting and ending at MK, but the middle days have got me all confused. Am I better off sacrificing the extra hours for lower crowds? Any input appreciated!

You may want to move AK to the last day if you want a shot at FoP FPP.

You really don’t want to be pushing AK any earlier, to maximise your chance of getting FoP. Unless you don’t want to try it (:open_mouth:), then I would leave that where it is.

Reasonable thought process for DHS. And I like Epcot EMH in the evenings. Most people are in WS for Illuminations, so if you are at the FW end of the lake (wind permitting) you petty much get walk ons to Soarin, SE, Imagination etc. Not sure about TT, or if it’s open. OR stand right by FEA and jump in line right at the end!

If you don’t get FoP on your AK day and you have park hoppers, you could try for it on your last day. Just FoP as early as possible. Then as soon as you scan in, you can book 2 more in MK which should mean a lot is still open. Make sure you get 7dmt on your first day, and one of the mountains. I think I’ve read that BTMR is actually the toughest to get day-of.

I didn’t think about FoP - didn’t realise a FP was so hard to get at the 60 day mark!

We’re not doing hoppers, and if we stay in EP late it’ll mostly be for whatever is still open in the WS. I love the countries :heart_eyes:

If I changed anything, I think it would be switching EP to Sunday, US to Monday and AK to Tuesday. We’d be giving up time at each park but hopefully avoid EMH crowds, and maybe give me a better shot at FoP?

As it stands now, most reports I’ve seen say that day 4 is Ok for FoP. Anything less than that is tough.

If you started with FoP and got it for day 4 then stick with your current plan. If not, you could switch it round.

Perfect. Thank you both for the input! Nice to have some feedback from people who aren’t being driven completely crazy by this :joy:

It’s far easier to help someone else with their planning!

But when I was planning our own vacation … that’s another story :grinning: