Itinerary for upcoming trip, looking for feedback

Okay guys my trip is quickly approaching and I want to get a second set of eyes, or more, on my overall plans. This is my current overall itinerary of my upcoming trip, can someone take a look at the travel times I’ve put in to get around Disney Property and let me know if anything seems unrealistic. I have individual touring plans for all the park visits, but my goal here is to make sure we are getting a reasonable amount of sleep and leaving enough time to get from one location to another using as much disney transportation as possible.
**I broke the screenshot into to parts to hopefully make it easier to read. It looked fine on my 4K monitor but can understand that on smaller screens it would be harder to read.


I tried to look, but the resolution of the .jpg isn’t high enough for me to read much of it - although the lower half was blurrier than the top half - so perhaps that was intentional?

Anyway - the ones I could read seemed like an hour from Pop to the parks. In general that should be plenty of time. You’re always subject to the vagaries of “waiting for the bus” but I’d expect a full hour to be a worst case and often you’ll be running well ahead of that. The one exception is if leaving a park at closing/after fireworks and you have to wait in a 3 bus line…

How old are your kids? I feel like they must be on the younger side since you have Disney Jr meal plus BBB, but you have a lot of late nights. My first read on this is that it is going to be VERY difficult to get to that BBB appointment at 8:15 on Sunday morning!

@Damavs I had the same problem, but I was able to zoom in twice and it crisped right up!

Pretty tiny print, even at “full size”. But if I’m reading the numbers correctly you have allowed an hour any time you are taking a bus and have 7-8 hours of sleep each night. An hour for resort to bus transportation is very reasonable, and if it takes less, so much the better. Sleep needs really vary from person to person. I can go indefinitely on 6 hours a night, but anything less than 9 for my wife, especially if it’s multiple days running, is not enough.

That being said, 6-7 days of RD to closing touring, with virtually no breaks, is a pretty exhausting schedule. I don’t know the composition of your party. If it’s all healthy adults and teens you might be OK. If there are younger kids, it might be asking too much. Looking back at the chart again I see 7 CMs and a BBB, so I’m assuming that there is at least one DD in the 10 and under category. I’m pretty robust and an hard-core tourer, but I’m not sure I could keep that pace up for much past 5 days (when I was in my 20s or 30s, no problem, but pushing 60, probably not).

Damavs, if you click on the image it should become readable.
Melcort10, I only have one, my DD is 4, but she is a trooper and does surprisingly well with long days. We are bringing our stroller still and we plan for her to have about an 60-90 minute nap during each day, typically this is when we’ll be using ride swaps or doing more adult activities around the parks. As for BBB yeah, I think it’s going to be a rough morning but it was the only one available so we had to take it. I’m also pretty confident that we won’t take all 90 minutes at 'Ohana and that she will be a sleep the moment we hit the bus to get back to the room.

My DW and I are mid 30s and my DD is now 4. My actual touring plans for each park are pretty relaxed and shouldn’t be too grooling, we last took DD when she turned 2 and we did well with a similar touring philosophy. (RD to Close each day but breaks and sleep time for DD in the stroller throughout the day, just never leaving the actual park)

Thanks - didn’t think to try a 2nd zoom - that did work wonders.

The only other note I had was Sunday the Be Our Guest dinner bumps up somewhat close to the Chip & Dale Campfire. I guess it’s fine if you only plan on snacks (like S’Mores) for the camp fire.

I’m gonna be honest that I’m 34 and I KNOW that I would be exhausted by day 4 of your plan. You sound pretty committed to the commando philosophy, but no pool time at all??

Yeah, my thought here is to put my name at Be Our Guests in a little early and see if I can get in a little earlier than what my ADR is actually for. I’ve also made most dinners 90 minutes and to be honest it’ll be closer to 60-70 minutes.

It’s Dec, so I’ve been on the fence about pool time. If anything my DD4 will get pool time in the night before our flight at the hotel we’ll be staying at and we’ve also considered a bit of pool time on Monday after we get to POP from the Magical Express.

What’s funny is that in my head, I wish I could be in the parks longer. For example the first day at animal kingdom, I’m letting us sleep in and not get there at rope drop, since we are doing the Xmas party the night before. I’m also not rushing to Epcot the day we arrive, even though in my head I keep telling myself that we can get there earlier than 4pm. Also it’s killing me that my second day at Magic Kingdom is on a party night and that I won’t be able to be in the park that evening, that’s why I planned to visit the Fort.

I’m struggling to get this in focus too, can’t find the zoom button and it keeps jumping from part 1 to 2 when I double hit…

But I must admit I’d be struggling with the RD to close every day and only 7 hours sleep.

Especially on the party day. It’ll be 18 hours from waking to getting to sleep (if the hour to get home again is do-able after a party, which I would have reservations about). And then just 7 hours sleep before AK. That isn’t sleeping in to me, sleeping in would be 10 hours to sleep and take our time.

What would happen if you missed the RDs? How would your plans be affected if DD is tired and cranky and you simply can’t get her to the bus stop in time?

At 6 and 9, my boys wanted pool time every day. Is DD going to be begging to go swimming?

I can’t upload my Touring plans for each day right now, maybe I can do it later this weekend, but I’m not locked into every staying to close every night.
For example the night of the Xmas party, I highly doubt I’ll be there till midnight, my touring plan for the night finishes at 10pm and the rest is free time. I did this figuring we’d stay til we were ready to go home, if that happens to be midnight so be it, but if it’s 10:30pm I’m okay with that too.

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Does the plan work for you? Are you willing to throw it out if your daughter wants to spend the day in the pool? I definitely would slow this down, but I am a grumpy old lady :wink:. I will say that night swimming in December most likely will not work. You would want yo plan that for the warmest part of the day.