Itinerary check and opinions please


Well, it is now 33 days until we arrive from Australia for the big dream holiday :slight_smile:
Family of 4 - Myself, Hubby, and two teen daughters 15 & 17.

Starting to sort out packing lists, grocery delivery etc. Checking all my lists, tickets etc. All looking ok. I’m sure I’ll keep checking these things until we leave!

I am going to write out my plan - I am hoping to get opinions on if you think there is enough time to ‘not rush’, as well as achieve what WDW has to offer. We will be moving to Universal afterwards, but I guess I’ll put that plan into the Universal forum.

I would love to add in a visit to another of the Disney Resorts for dinner… just not sure where to put it in. I have on ADR booked at 50’s Prime Time, but other than that, we will be using quick service dining.

DAY 1 - Arrive at POFQ in evening (about 9pm or later) This will be after a very long flight - 15 hours from Sydney to Dallas, then another 3 hours Dallas to Orlando. Not sure if we are expected to be wide awake all night, or ready for sleep.

DAY 2 - Spend morning hours exploring our resort and taking our time. Head over to Hollywood Studios in afternoon until evening Fireworks. (CL 6)

DAY 3 - Have a relaxing morning - probably still recovering from flight. Plan on going to Magic Kingdom mid afternoon until end of Wishes Fireworks. (CL 5)

DAY 4 - Blizzard Beach today. Mid afternoon, head over to Epcot if we feel like it directly from Blizzard, if not, have break in afternoon and then go to Epcot for the evening. (CL 2)

DAY 5- If we are up to it, do Magic Kingdom EMH until mid-afternoon (CL 3)- then straight to Animal Kingdom (CL 4) for a couple of hours. If we don’t manage to do MK today in the morning… I have the same plan set up for Sunday (day 8)…so today ‘could’ only be Animal Kingdom late afternoon/evening.

DAY 6 - Animal Kingdom (CL5) EMH to do morning plan. Afternoon break before catching boat to Disney Springs. Eat dinner somewhere.

DAY 7 - Magic Kingdom - (CL 5 )if we didn’t do it on Day 5. If we did, then this becomes a rest day.

DAY 8 - Typhoon Lagoon today. Leave mid-afternoon and visit Hollywood Studios to re-ride favourite rides. (CL 8)

DAY 9 - Epcot all Day. (CL 4)

DAY 10 - Anything we want to do or repeat - this is the day for it. No solid plans so far.

DAY 11 - Transfer to Universal

Looks like you have a good idea of what you want to do that works for your situation. I am sure I would put more into the first couple days, but I also don’t fly in from Australia. The one thing I wanted to make sure that you knew was that the POFQ food court is under construction. If you were banking on eating meals in there, it won’t be an option. It’s a bit of a walk to RIverside, but not too bad, and Disney Springs is a boat ride away for plenty of QS options. I just know if it was a surprise to me when I got there I would not be happy, so I didn’t want you to be surprised.
Enjoy your trip


Thanks perkins314, yes, I did know about the refurb of food court.

I will probably fit more into the first few days, just didn’t want to overwhelm myself with over scheduling things. … We are a fairly fast moving kind of family…:slight_smile: … other than the unfortunate event of a bad ankle injury/fracture nearly 6 weeks ago. I have only just started walking with moon boot… so, with physiotherapist convincing me I will be fine by travel date, I am hoping to manage ok… if not, I’ll have to look at mobility scooter to assist (even though I’ll be walking, Im not sure I’ll cope with the kind of walking that WDW requires in a day)!

We have hopper tickets. I’ve read to allow at least an hour between parks/resort etc… don’t want to spend up to 4 hours of the day in total travelling to and from parks if we happen to have a midday break. Im hoping it will be quicker, but again, don’t want to wish for something and have it not happen :slight_smile:

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Looks like you’ve done a good job of allowing time for the unexpected! Hope your foot is much better. Still take it easy as possible so you don’t re-injure! Have a fabulous time!

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There is a temporary food court in place at POFQ for quick service meals as well as drinks for the rapid fill mugs and beignets! I have seen some pictures and have heard some pretty good things. It will definitely be a decent option.

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