It says I should not be worried, but

I have managed to make the plan for every other day work out with no problem messages. I have free time before most of the things that have a scheduled time. I am still getting a message that I may be late to a meal or break. I have adjusted and moved breaks. I cannot figure out why I may be late to anything. Maybe I have looked at it too much and someone else will see something dumb I did. I really did not do anything different on this one than I did on the others. Please help.

I wonder if it just sees you arriving on the dot of things and identifies that as cutting it close. Like FOTLK and Satul’i

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The weird thing about that is that before FotLK I have 9 minutes of free time even with the break and the program has me arriving at that time. It could get me there earlier. Before I added time for RPW it was the same. No matter what I do it keeps saying I may be late to a meal or break. I have the same kind of things on my other days and it does not see a problem. I have BatB with a 10:30 FP, and IJ with a 11:30 FP, and zero free time with arriving at exactly the time for the FP fo IJ to start, and no issues.

I don’t know why TP does it, but it wants 10 minutes before arriving to breaks / meals / shows in order to avoid that message. Sometimes it will still do it if you have what it thinks is “too many breaks” in your day. (I like to plan a 15 minute break for every 90 minutes - 2 hours in the park to allow time for water / pee / distractions, so I see this message more often than I’d prefer.)

So Steps #6 & #8 need to be adjusted to avoid this “error”.

I am not a fan of this “glitch”. Often if I want a 15 minute break I tell TP I’m only taking a 5 minute break 10 before I really want it or If I want an hour meal break I say it’s only 50 minutes, but at a start time 10 minutes earlier
on paper than actual time ADR.

Hope that helps.

Okay. The fact that it only did this for my AK day and I worked them all out similarly made me want to check.

Thank you both for helping.


Okay, I tried to adjust my breaks, and that did not help. I turned them into flexible attractions DI trails, and Cons.St. that we can do or not do as needed. I also removed the FP from FotLK.For some reason it did not like that at all, even though I had plenty of time to get there. I think it did not like a break at RPW. When that was all that was left it told me I may not have time to do everything before I left the park. Breaks do need to be able to be assigned to places.

In your first version, is it Satul’i? You have a dining arrival time of 11:15, but it shows you serving “late” at 11:23?

Nope. Because of the 10 minutes of flexibility, and maybe because it is QS that does not bother the program. I started one from scratch and did one step at a time and evaluated after each one. It really did not like a break at RPF, or the FP for FotLK. That seems so strange to me though, because I still had almost 9 minutes of free time before it would have me go to the show and tell me I might be late. However, on another day it had no issue with FP to BatB at 10:30 followed by one for IJ at 11:30 with zero free minutes between them.
ETA- It works fine now and I know there is extra time built in.

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Got it. That is strange! I get that message on some of my plans but haven’t done a deep dive yet to figure out the reasons on the non-obvious ones.

I might not have, and with a lot of free time it was not really necessary, but since all the other days had worked so well, and since it is important to be to our show time, and dinner on time I really wanted to be sure.