It’s like I know nothing anymore

I thought my Disney days were behind me for a while but it looks like I’m going to Florida to see family and I will be at Disney parks doing park hopper for 1 day. I’d like to have a Topolinos breakfast one morning. I’d also like to have a Bull and bear dinner. On my non park day. Im only a month out of the loop but I feel like I don’t know how to Disney. Trip is likely Dec 4-8. Plan is to go to AK in the morning, HS in the afternoon and MK for fireworks on the 6th. Any suggestions for how to do Genie plus or LL is appreciated. If my park res will be for AK can I still buy a LL for ROTR at park opening if I am in AK?? I am not staying on property.

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Start here:

Then if you have more questions, ask them there! :smiley:


Hope this is an okay place to ask my question. My family and I were scheduled for Disney in May 2019. Like so many we’ve had to put the magic on hold for two years and are scheduled now for this May. I have read all the details about Genie/LL etc. here not to mention tons of blogs and YT videos. I’m pretty sure I have a grasp of how it works. But my real question is this: on our three previous trips to Disney, we LIVED by our Touring Plans schedule; is it even valid to create a daily schedule now since we have no idea what/if any Genie+ reservations we will get? Would it be safe to say that we can make a TP schedule and not use Genie+ at all? or is that all out the window?

We are a group of ten ranging including grandparents, two sets of parents and four children (15,13, 8 and 4) staying 10 days at BLT.

Thanks so much for any insight