It happened...No AP renewal for me

I bought my first AP in 2018 and renewed in 2019.

I won’t be renewing in 2020. When doing the math, it is no longer worth the savings once I factor in everything.

Some things have definitely changed…for the first time, DDP is better than OOP for our family, too.

It’s like everything I knew about Disney Math has been turned upside down.


In the last month I bought my first one day ticket for myself and my first two day tickets for my family. Funny, first time I did not buy PHs too!

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I’m just kind of sitting here in disbelief. Not that things went up…that’s expected.

But I’m shocked that a package deal is now better than a la carte.


We were a family that went once every one to two years. Last June we decided to bite the bullet and buy three AP’s for myself, DW and DD15, A week later the price increased $225 per pass. Now it went up another $76. A total increase in less than a year of $301 per pass. $903 total for three passes.

Looks like the renewal price is $951 plus tax. I think next year we will pass on the AP and go with the Four park Magic deal with $85 per day tickets.


I am finding that this year the DDP will make sense for our family. So this will be our first time using it, as long as I can get the ADRs that I want.


It’s honestly always been a matter of math - as long as you are taking everything into consideration (which it sounds like you have) then you’ll find the best match for you. For me I often don’t automatically renew my AP, basically depends on my schedule. Sometimes I have 12-14 days per cycle ( I have to have park hopper and any park i want on any given day) and then I might have a 8 month lapse before my next group of vacation. Past few times I’ve ended up down three times on a pass for about 21 days total.

My last renewal I went from a premium (had to be there over actual xmas - never again thank goodness) back to my DVC Gold because i have at least 14 days this cycle with a possible extra 6 again. But after that Gold AP expires I probably wont need tickets to WDW again until almost a year later.

As for the DDP - it never makes sense for me… I don’t do character meals, and rarely do i eat an app, entree, and dessert during one sitting (too old i guess). Also the amount of planning to make sure it’s “worth” it isn’t my thing (pick the $7 snack not the $4 snack, etc).


caveat time… I left out I’m a solo traveler, that skews the numbers a bit.

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Your pass options with DVC also make a difference. I’m seriously jealous of Florida resident prices.

The price increases won’t change how I do Disney…I think I was just shocked that everything I’ve ever known to do went flying out the window.

I too can get a Gol AP and I have in the past. It is much easier to consider a $700 AP but even then it is a game of counting days and considering any “extras”. My son is going next week and we settled on the 2 day non hopper plus MK after hours. I am doing Moonlight Magic and a one day ticket my next short trip.

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I have only ever done AP twice, I’m sure I will again the future. Back in 2014-2015 it was only just over 1K for a Premier and I did DL 3X + 2 weeks at WDW. I miss that pass + pricing. In July I got a WDW AP because at the time I had 2 trips planned. That turned into 4 with the price increase. So I’m getting the value out of it, but it definitely takes more days at WDW to make it worth it. I have realized by the end of April, I will have spent a month at WDW since July :rofl: 7 days, 5 days, 9 days, and 7 more days in April. I stay off site, so the free parking alone makes it worth it.