It begins 184 to go

Ah yes, I always forget about how this is the most annoying part of planning. Figuring out what days to go to what park based on hours and CL so you can choose your ADR’s knowing that your “good, early RD” reservations will be for nothing when they change the hours 30 days out. This, all while not having the real released hours just days before your ADR time. Ahh WDW you get me every time. Then you sit and wait and wait some more, tweaking your TP when it’s really all for nothing again b/c you don’t have your FP and then after that you’ll tweak 100 more times. Let the games begin!


I weirdly enjoy constantly overhauling my plan. It’s taken the place of a lot of my social media browsing.


I like tweaking based on my own random thoughts and ideas, but not knowing schedules etc. is a pain and I always forget it until I’m at this point in planning. I suppose it’s like having children. You forget this stuff until it’s time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you aware of being able to see the current park hours for the whole of your trip through MDE?Look under “My Itinerary” and you can see park hours for each day.

I realise they will change, but even if the hours are showing on the WDW website, you can still see them. Better than nothing at least!

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