Issues with Personalized Touring Plans

Hi, is anyone aware of any issues with MK personalized touring plans please? When I optimize, the plan has up to 90 minute waits in various places and has us criss crossing back and forth across the park.

Have you set the option to “minimise walking”? That should help with the criss crossing.

If you have big waits, it suggests there isn’t enough in the plan. But there could be other reasons. If you publish it here you will get lots of very helpful advice.
there is an option to “share this plan” and you can then copy a link to it in your post.

Not sure what you mean by “waits”. If it’s dead time between attractions, then it’s a function of not having “enough” attractions selected. If it’s waits for attractions, it would indicate a VERY busy day and 90 min is the shortest line for that attraction available.

Hey @lucyburgess!

The plans assume you value 1 minute of standing in line the same as 1 minute of walking. There are ways to change that:

  1. Set the plan’s walking speed to a slower setting.
  2. Set the plan’s preference to ‘less walking’.

I’d do them one at a time and see how that affects the plan’s walking suggestions.

As far as the long breaks go, it could be a couple of things. The most likely is:

  1. You have more time in the park than things to do. If you’re in the park for, say, 12 hours, and you’ve got 8 hours of rides, shows, and meals, then there’s going to be 4 hours of breaks spread throughout the day.

This situation is common in plans that have evening fireworks - those plans sometimes put attractions later in the day (when crowds are lower), and leave rests in the busiest, middle part of the day.

That said, feel free to post a link to your plan if the above suggestions don’t work. Happy to take a look at it.

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