Issues with FastPass Times in Touring Plans

Just been trying to create my Touring Plans. I’ve noticed that for the majority of the fast passes the return time list and when the planner actually wants you to return is vastly difference by several hours.

I.E FastPass for X attraction says return from 10am. When you look at the planner after its optimised etc says that I should return somewhere around 12pm or sometimes 1-2pm several hours later. This problem throws the entire plan out and i’ve got the same problem for all my fast passes on different days and same with both parks. I thought there was a 1 hour window in which to use the passes.

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I had already saved my response when I figured out that you are referring to Disneyland (sorry, have not been recently and cannot help) - hope somebody can help :slight_smile:

The best think to do here is to e-mail, explaining the issue and giving them the plan URL. They usually respond quite quickly.

Putting on my “historian” hat… In the days of the old FP system at both parks, the FPs had a return window printed on them, but there was little to no enforcement on people coming back later than the listed time. So, in effect, if you had a FP that said return between 12:00 and 1:00, you could return any time between 12:00 and park closing. And as soon as 1:00 hit, you could get another FP. If you “gamed the system” the right way, you could tour all day and then have 4 or 5 FPS to use at your leisure at the end of the day.

But this was not the way it was ever SUPPOSED to work…

As a gradual phase-in to the new FPP system, WDW started enforcing the return times - much to the dismay of many guests who showed up hours past the return times “assuming” that the rules were still not being enforced.

DLR has NOT transitioned to the FPP system, nor have I seen any indications that it will. The returning several hours after the printed FP time will certainly work if DLR is not enforcing return times. I haven’t been there in 2 years (and I always used my FPs within the printed window), so I am not certain about current FP return policies.

Tagging @Lentesta and @moorparknay15 for current FP return policy at DLR…

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DLR is enforcing the FP return time window. You can only return later if the attraction goes offline during your FP window. All FP rides are now connected to the network in their respective parks, Radiator Racers used to be unconnected but no longer.

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