ISO open spot for April/May Memory Maker Share

I am looking for an open spot on a Memory Maker Share. I will be there April 29-May 2, 2018.

I would like to join one too, but I’m not interested in leading. I’ll be there April 30 - May 4.
Are you interested in leading? If so, we may be able to find 2-3 more people to join.

@willworkforDisney @Amy11Russ Did you all find anyone else to join or still have room? I’m going May 6-12. Would like to join one but couldn’t lead. Thanks!

I think we both have joined shares at this point!

I sent you a message!

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Going May 14-19. Any spots open for these dates?

I’m willing to run a share (ran one in September) if two other families would like to coordinate. I’ll be there 4/23-27 so I’m looking for families traveling those dates or later within a couple weeks. email me if interested

I will admit to not having researched how this works but it looks like some other folks have dates close to ours: May 11-16.

Hi @Bellesanssebastion, I just noticed that this was originally posted in 2018…duh…but if you are considering a share for May of this year maybe we can figure something out.

oops! boo on me for reading too quickly.