Is Uber w/ car seats available yet?

Traveling with my son who is 3… Can I use Uber or not because of car seat issues? Can anyone speak from experience with this? Has anyone been refused service? I also see in Jan. There was an article linked that Uber with car seats was coming…is it here?

I can’t speak from personal experience, but uberFamily is now available in Orlando. See this article from wdwinfo for more details.

Fabulous!! Hoping to try it out :slight_smile:

They do have services called “UberX + Car Seat” and “UberXL + Car Seat” in Orlando. (X is up to 4 passengers, XL is up to 6 passengers). I recommend after you are matched with the driver, call or text them to to make sure they have the proper seat for your child. Enter this promotion code in the Uber app before you request the ride and you can save up to $20 on the ride: N4RCZ1PKUE

Okay! Getting ready to try Uber at WDW with car seats in a few days, I will report back for anyone interested.Here’s my uber code for a free ride worth $15 if you want to give it a try: jilln839ue

Remember if you use Uber, you will need car seats or boosters as required by Florida laws. They aren’t required to provide them.

Elaine-- are you sure? All the research I’ve done said taxis don’t require car seats under Florida law, but anyways, yes for safety purposes I want them, hence the question if uber with car seats is available yet.