Is Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach less crowded?


I know it probably varies a bit day to day, but just wondering if one is typically less crowded than the other?


I'm not too sure on this one, but have heard Tues/Wed/Thurs to be the best days for Disney waterparks. (the weekends are busier, like all parks)


We're heading to TL on a Monday. Hopefully it won't be too bad even if it isn't a T, W, R.


See, I would think that more locals go to the water parks over the weekend, but that tourists would be more likely to go in the middle of their trip. We went to BB on a Monday in September last year and the waits were very low,


If you are going to either during the summer bring your flip flops. We made the mistake of walking across the rope bridge at TL from the top of the slides and DS10 got blisters - red, puffy, blisters - on his feet from the heat of the walk way.

The huge wave pool at TL pulls a lot of people from the rest of the park. BB is more spread out and that makes it feel better - the longest lines . most irritating is waiting for the chair lift and then waiting in line for summit plum. Just walk up the steps - the lift takes forever.