Is this right MK crowd level of 3

Hi I’m just sorting out my iterinery for the last 2 weeks of August and I’ve noticed that the crowd levels are put as 3 for the MK on the 25/8, I’m really surprised as this is the first day of the Halloween nights and it the park with EMH. I just want to check this is right, as I’ll re think my whole week if it will be this quiet. TIA

The best way to get answers to this sort of question is to e-mail - they should be able to get you the answer quite quickly.


I believe that the logic for the lower crowd level on a party day is that people who are not attending the party, will avoid MK and go to other parks since MK closes early. Hence, lower crowds.

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If you look at the crowd calendar the most actual days of the party have a lower crowd level. Since the party is a hard ticket event, if you don’t buy the ticket you have to leave the park by 7. Since the hours are shorter and no fireworks before the park closes a lot of people will go to different parks.

I’m going for a short trip in Dec and we’re only doing 1 day at MK. We won’t be going to MK on a day that has MVMCP because the idea of paying for a full day’s ticket price yet the park is closing early (and no fireworks) makes me mad. I’m betting most of the other non-MVMCP ticket holders feel the same way & avoid MK on those days. On Tues and Thurs MK crowd levels are a 4 and on Wed (no MVMCP) it’s an 8. But we haven’t seen Happily Ever After yet and it’s non-negotiable for me so I’ll be contributing to the low crowd levels by avoiding MK on party nights.