Is this realistic?

Was just able to snag a ADR for our arrival day for the new Snow White character meal at Artist Point. Note, we are staying at Wilderness Lodge. In an ideal world, is it realistic to think we can make a 5:40 ADR when we’ll arrive at airport around 3pm. We are renting a car. I think it’s pushing it and am going to try and modify for a later one, but as of right now, there’s not one available. Is that something I can use the reservation finder for? Should I try to set this up on another night? There already wasn’t a lot available.

If you aren’t depending on ME and are staying there, then I think you’d totally be fine. Lucky you, already all booked for our entire Feb stay.

Hopefully reservation finder will work for you!

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Seems completely doable barring any flight delays or rental snafus. Glad you got an ADR. I went ahead and made one for DD and I as that’s all that was available, sorry boys :wink:

Seems doable! We land ~10:50 and have a 13:00 TS reservation in HS… I love a challenge! Living dangerously!! Planning on Uber from our Contemporary drop-off to HS. If we are late and everything is going sideways, I might bail on DME and Uber straight from the airport. :wink::star_struck::crazy_face:

Do you have a checked bag? Is your car rental in terminal?

We have had bag delays at MCO with low cost carriers. The shuttle to car rental takes a long time and we had larger lines. Book car rental in terminal. There are some that if you sign up for the rewards programs, you can go to a special express check in or straight to car.


I think it is very doable. We check bags and I usually rent from Alamo which is in the terminal and they have a self kiosk which is so easy to use. In May our flight landed at 10:30 am and we were at the Boathouse by noon for lunch.


I agree with the other posters.

This summer I was arriving internationally at MCO. Our scheduled arrival time was 2pm. Then we had to get through immigration. Then wait for an Uber, drive to Davenport — which is on the other side of Orlando — then unpack, chill out for a bit, before booking another Uber and driving to the Contemporary, and walking from there to MK.

All that was achieved in four hours.

Last year, we used Alamo specifically because of their “Skip the Counter” feature. you literally walk out of the airport, into the garage, pick a car, get into it, drive to the exit booth, show them your driving licence, and drive off. The whole thing took five minutes tops.

It’ll be close.

DH decided it was too close for comfort. Fortunately, I could change it to a 7pm ADR. That way we won’t be rushed. We could always show up a little early and see if they can seat us early. I’m hoping DD will be completely surprised by it. Snow White is one of her favorites.