Is this possible?!

I’m planning a quick one day solo trip to HS, Epcot and MK on a Thursday at the end of August. Touring plans says I can fit all this in without G+ or LL. I’m not going on the biggest rides, I’m scared of them :laughing:


Magic Kingdom:

Is this a realistic plan, do you think?

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Maybe. Although you don’t have breaks in there apart from the time between parks. You probably need to add in time for bathroom breaks and possibly time in shops.

But end of August is one of the lowest crowd times of the year… basically same as beginning of September…so wait times will definitely be minimal.

Be prepared for things to not go as planned, though, and assume you will possibly need to drop a thing or two off the plan as the day progresses

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I would say yes. Your plan has 2-3 hrs between parks which allows plenty of buffer time as well as transit and hopefully eating and using the facilities.

The one wait time I wouldn’t count on is ROTR which seems low, even given it is a CL4 that day

I think these are otherwise all pretty reasonable wait times. I think you’re good to go!


Yeah…that one might be worth paying for an ILL just in case?


Will you do single rider in millennium falcon?

That Thursday is not expected to be a MNSSHP night?

I think I would buy an ILL for Rise.


Yes, I’d do single rider for any rider that has it available, but it doesn’t look like many do. I wouldn’t mind buying just one ILL if needed, so thank you for the suggestion, I’ll look at that! You don’t need to buy genie+ to have access to buy ILLs, right?

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Yes, ILLs are a stand alone product.


Last year in August, the dates fell on Tuesdays and Fridays. No guarantee that will be the case, but most likely will.

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I just questioned because I don’t think there will be a Sunday night party due to Labor Day.

Again, going by last year…looks like that first week of September they did Monday and Friday. Sunday party dates didn’t begin until the following week.

I think party dates should be announced pretty soon though. I think they announced them in late April last year IIRC.


Yes, but I thought this was the last Thursday in August? I don’t think it was scheduled last year but Food and Wine returned to precovid dates and there was a Thursday night party in 2018 and 2019 I believe. Hopefully we will know soon.

You could be right. I was just looking at 2023.

Disney likes to make sure you can’t plan too far in advance. :grin:

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My thoughts:

(1) I would purchase ILL for Rise if you can fit it in your budget. I wouldn’t be surprised if the stand-by wait was significantly longer at 47 minutes.

(2) Those are low wait times for HM, BTMR and JC. It’s possible, but I also could see 10-20 mins longer on each of HM, BTMRR and JC.

(3) You are not leaving much time to get a good viewing spot for HEA.


One person can squeeze in anywhere at the last second. Even right in the hub. I’ve done it. :slight_smile:


Agree. One person can wiggle in where ever.


I, too, have wiggled.

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