Is this plan crazy/stupid?

So…I had reserved a stupid amount of table service or character meals including, but not limited to:

Crystal Palace
Be Our Guest Dinner
Sci-Fi Drive in
Garden Grill
Hollywood and Vine
Tutto Italia

I started looking at and reading reviews of the Early Morning Magic at both TSL and Fantasyland and the Star Wars guided tour. Most of the reviews I’ve ready have been pretty good for all of them. I like the idea of not having to wait in a lot of lines and (hopefully) being able to enjoy the parks more (for me at least) and not worry about running to the next thing so we can wait in line for a short(er) amount of time than we would have 10 minutes from now.

So I’m contemplating canceling the majority of our reservations and doing all three special ticketed events/tour. The idea that my DSs6 (twins) and DH could walk around fantasyland and TSL with many many fewer people and that gives us a head start to the park that day was so appealing. When we went in Jan 2017, we were waiting at the front of AK (waaaaay before Pandora opened) and one of my sons pulled the stroller cover over him just to block out the sites of all the people standing around the stroller. I also witnessed him pulling his hat over his head to accomplish the same goal. We are all big Star Wars fans, so I think we’d really enjoy the guided tour, but because we are definitely going to go back to the hotel every day to take a break, the guided tour doesn’t leave us much time to do anything else in DHS.

We are calling this an early birthday trip for our twins. I’m thinking of keeping one table service meal to have as their birthday meal. But other than that, we’ll get groceries and go to counter service restaurants.

I’m hoping I will be more relaxed in the parks this go around. I felt like last time we went (my first time as an adult and as the planner) I was looking at my phone or the map the whole time and feeling like I was behind every step! Is this completely ridiculous?

The underlying question is how many days. I typically have 2 TSs per day (e.g. 14 ADRs for a 7 day trip). Virtually none are CMs, but with no kids, I refuse to pay the high prices for mediocre food for the opportunity to have a few characters stop by the table.

We just did EMM yesterday morning at TSL and if it’s in your budget, I would do it. The longest we waited was around 5-8 minutes for SDD. And we were able to walk on to star tours a little before 9. It was great to be able to just take your time and enjoy TSL without many people around

That is great news! How was the food? We are vegetarians. Do you think we could get the chilaquiles without the chorizo? i know they have the avocado toast, but we do love some chilaquiles!

Thanks for the info!

I would imagine that they could remove the chorizo. This is booked as a dining event so that would lead me to wonder if you could put in a special request at the time of making the reservation. If not, all of the CMs were incredibly helpful and I would imagine if they could do it, they would if asked

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We are attending both EMM offerings on our next visit. I’m excited that it will free up some of our time later in the day. Especially for TSL since we haven’t been there yet!! I am on another discussion group and the reviews have said that they are very flexible with the breakfast offerings and they can be adjusted for Vegetarian and Vegan guests. Hope this is helpful!

It is! Thank you! I’m getting so excited (as if I wasn’t excited enough!)!