Is this normal?

Just got back from our 2nd stay at The World in 6 months. We plan to go back in about three years (waiting for the new Lands to open at AK & HS. I already can’t wait!!! Is this normal!? Or do I have a sickness?


You have a sickness. However, among this group you will not stand out as being ill. :wink:


You are in the company!


sickness - ha

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It is a normal sickness.

Welcome to the club.

Prepare to spend all your dollars.


Time to get a 2nd job! !!

You have come to the right place to feed your sickness…
The wonderful folks in the forums will help you through…
And since you’ve been so afflicted…
Its like checking into the Hotel California…you can never leave…:sunglasses:


Very normal :yum:

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Love the Hotel California reference :grinning:

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So funny that you think you won’t go for another three years :slight_smile:




we won’t be back for at least 3 years. Want them to get some of the new lands up and running. Have other destinations to explore.

adamwsh: We plan to go back in about three years


In me it is not a sickness- plainly and simply I am a Disney Freak (a title bestowed on me by my lovely sister). I embrace my craziness (isn’t that why this forum is here?). Enjoy the ride!

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It is an addiction. You are hooked on Disney. It will give you motivation to save money to go there.

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My sister sent me this yesterday… seems fitting.
trite Disney ecard


Brilliant…will print up and pass to my friends :wink:

Sounds like my situation. Have done 3 recent Disney and trips. I enjoy seeing other places too so it seems like a bonus to drive and stop and visit some other places. Saw Cocoa Beach, Smokey Mountains and Savanah.

Gotta agree with Paul here… we weren’t planning on going back until late 2017 and we ended up booking a November 2016 trip just two weeks ago. It’s a sickness for sure but I couldn’t think of a better sickness to have. Good luck on your attempts to hold off for 3 years… we’re all betting against you though :laughing: