Is this legit genie launch date oct 19

Saw this on my news feed is it legit??? Says genie+ launch oct 19th

Yeah i guess i answered my own question. It is.

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Multiple media outlets have been saying they can release their news the week ending Oct. 22. This date seems legit - even if WDWNT has a history of trying to be “first” rather than correct. :laughing:

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Orlando Sentinel
OCTOBER 8, 2021

Disney World’s Genie park planner will launch on Oct. 19. Here’s how it works.

Disney Genie, Walt Disney World’s new park planning service, will launch on Oct. 19, the company revealed Friday.
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Since it’s on Disney’s own site, I’d say it’s true.


Yes I was just going to say, it’s on MDE already.


Thanks all. It figures. I am going on the 21st. Guess I will be reporting. I had mixed feelings. Now I better pack some old magic bands.


Can you read the article? It is behind a payroll for me.

I really want to know of they say you can get another Genie + Lightning Lane pass after 2 hours has passed. If the Orlando Sentinal says it, I will stop obsessing. Crucial detail for making late park arrivals work to the maximum!



I do, I have a subscription. I’m going to c/p the part about how it works. I didn’t read it carefully to know if it will answer your question though b/c I’m taking a wait and see approach to this new feature.

How it works

Genie was designed to appeal to all Disney World visitors, from first-time guests to diehard fans. The service demonstrated this week showed Genie on the home screen of the My Disney Experience app.

Visitors using Genie first select the number of attractions they want to ride. In the preview, users were limited to choosing eight.

The next screen allowed visitors to tell Genie their interests to select from additional experiences. Categories included “Disney favorites,” like princesses, villains and pirates; “Park interests,” like character meet and greets, events and tours, park classics and seasonal experiences; and in-park “Dining interests,” like character dining, casual eats and fine or “signature” dining.

Genie then asks if users need information on height requirements or accessibility accommodations for rides and experiences — selections that, if toggled, appear underneath ride information on the suggested itinerary.

Afterward, users are given the option to pay for Lightning Lane to access specific rides. The first options given include the attractions priced “a la carte,” or per person, per ride. Visitors can choose up to two of these per day, and their price varies daily. Sample prices for Genie’s launch date, a Tuesday, included $15 for Rise of the Resistance, $10 for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train , $9 for the recently opened Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and $7 for Expedition Everest.

The next step lets guests with Genie+ choose a selection to skip the line at specific rides. Genie+ users can generally only hold one of this type of Lightning Lane selection at a time, but they can keep two if the next available time for the second attraction is longer than two hours away.

The service’s interface looks similar to how Disney World’s former FastPass+ selections worked, and the system operates similarly to how MaxPass works at Disneyland.

Within seconds, Genie gives users a personalized, suggested itinerary.

The itinerary also includes suggested additions based on the user’s selected interests. If a user changes their plans or vetoes a suggestion, the program readjusts the schedule. Genie continuously updates its recommendation if the algorithm finds better options.

Visitors planning to park hop later in the day can also plan for their time at the next park after 2 p.m., but guests don’t have to scan into the next park beforehand. The park hopping screen asks them to input their estimated arrival and departure times at the next park, and the selection process begins again.

Genie also includes a “tip board,” which shows the actual and forecasted wait times for attraction standby lines and offers suggestions on whether Lightning Lane options would be more efficient. There’s also a dining tip board that can show the next available times for restaurants and mobile ordering.

A virtual “cast member chat” within the app can help with planning issues or problems linking tickets or park passes.

The paid tier of Genie+ will also launch with about 20 AR lenses, similar to Snapchat or Instagram filters, that turn guests into characters like Genie or various Disney villains. More than 40 “audio tales” within Genie+ provide background on the park and details on popular attractions.

‘A la carte’ Lightning Lane options

These are the individually priced attractions available at Genie+’s launch, though Disney may alter this list in the future. Prices will vary depending on the time of year.

Magic Kingdom: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Space Mountain

Epcot: Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and Frozen Ever After

Hollywood Studios: Rise of the Resistance and Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Animal Kingdom: Flight of Passage and Expedition Everest

Here's the list of attractions available via Lightning Lane through Disney Genie+ at the service's launch Oct. 19 (photo courtesy of Disney)

Here’s the list of attractions available via Lightning Lane through Disney Genie+ at the service’s launch Oct. 19 (photo courtesy of Disney)


You are the best! Yes. This answers my question, and in the way I was hoping. Thank you.

Reading the rest of the description, I really do think the non-paid Genie is going to be very nice for new visitors if it works.


I’m glad it helped.

Here is more info from Disney itself

“And, Disney Genie can even remind you when you’re eligible to book dining reservations and activities within our Enchanting Extras Collection.”

This was in the link just posted. What the heck is “Enchanting Extras Collection”? Do marketing people at Disney get a prize every time a name they came up with ends up in one of these announcements?
Otherwise there seems to be nothing new.

Just had a thought. These vloggers wouldn’t have so much power if Disney actually told us stuff!

I think it’s these.

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I think “Enchanting Extras” are stuff like tours, dessert parties, fireworks cruises, etc.


Oh you’re right. I misread, definitely no need to get an alert to book use of a lens!

We are at the parks, Epcot and Magic Kingdom, and people are using the lightning lines on the show return times. Not sure if they’re testing out with a few select people, but haven’t seen any options to use it.

Lightning Lanes, or old FP lanes, are used by DAS, rider swaps, club 33 members, VIP tours and people who’ve been given a pass after a ride breakdown for instance. Nothing to do with Genie +.

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That makes me feel better. Don’t think I’d use it, but it would be nice to have the option.

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