Is this how crowds enter the parks?

Can some please confirm to me if this is how the crowds enter the parks? And if every statements in this post are correct?

There are 3 security checkpoints that start letting people through at 6:30 am:

  • City walk for the people that are driving in, or are being driven on a bus from the other hotels.
  • The bridge right before island of adventure, where the walking path ends for the guests at the Royal Pacific Resort and other guests from the other Universal’s hotels that shared the same walking path.
  • Right beside the entrance of Universal Studios for guests from the Hard Rock Hotel and Portofino Bay.

So since the security checkpoint for RPR is right beside the bridge before IOA, guests standing at that checkpoint should be able to reach IOA before any other crowd, right?.



You should have a slight advantage over the main gate, but not dramatically ahead. The biggest advantage you’ll have is Unlimited Express Pass by staying at PRP. I know you are asking because of HMCMA - which currently doesn’t XP.

I’ve seen your post earlier. Yes. I would go to HMCMA first. IMHO - it’s better to be in the queue waiting than it getting shut down or at capacity later.

Thanks darkmite2!

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