Is This Disney World’s Answer to the Disney Dining Plan in 2022?

Did anyone see this?

However, today Disney announced a 2022 50th anniversary vacation package for U.K. residents — which includes a “Disney Dining Credit.” So…what does this mean for the Disney Dining Plan? Well, here’s what we know.

U.K. 50th anniversary package includes up to a $950 Disney Dining Credit per room (your credit level scales depending on what level of resort you’re staying at), so long as that room is booked for a minimum of 2 weeks. It’s basically a gift card for food!

Only UK visitors for now, but sounds like they might be moving to a ‘pre-loaded gift card’ for Dining. Of course, the amount go down if you are at a Moderate or Value Resort…definitely won’t cover everyone for the entire length of stay.

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$950 for 2 weeks wouldn’t even cover my churro budget…



How many ppl stay 2-weeks at a time?

The Brits are more likely to, I guess, but most US-based visitors don’t.

I think it’s cruddy that it’s per room. So if you’re traveling solo yay but if you’ve got 5 people oh well!


So, up to $950, which means only Deluxe will get $950. And it has to be two weeks. So, $67/day.

I usually do 10-12 days, because is it really a vacation if you haven’t forgotten all your passwords once you’ve gotten back to work?



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U.K. people almost always do. At mods it’s $854. And that’s whether you’ve got 1 person in the room or 5. It’s a crappy offer.


I guess that makes sense considering the distance you are travelling to get here. Ya’ I haven’t done the math on DDP but it seems a bit light. Although we always have snack credits left over, it might work for us?

If we had snack credits at the end of the trip, I stocked up on Mickey rice krispie treats and the kids (and me) had lunch snacks once they were back at school. :slight_smile: It helped a bit with re-entry.

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We spend $3-400 on tips at 20% so what’s that, at least $1500 on TS meals. Plus we were getting QS with alcohol included and snacks. Though we did have to pay £500 to upgrade to the full plan because only deluxe get it free, QS plan at mods, 1 QS credit per day at values.

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I started adding up all of my planned meals for an 8 day trip coming up and I wish I hadn’t. It came to around 1500 without tips and that’s only me. Not both of us.


The last time we did DDP was w/ a DDs trip b4 lockdown and we just did QS but the alcohol that they allow on it helped it to pay for itself. I always forget about adding on the tips when looking at my total costs. I remember when the DDP included the tip in the cost of the plan, that was awesome b/c there were truly no extra out of pocket costs.

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I guess it works somewhat as a sale incentive, but zero purpose as a package add-on unless they seriously discount it. It doesn’t serve the same purpose as DDP at all as an add-on, really.


Hoping for some good news from Disney next week.

Something that feels like we are going back to pre-Covid times, not this sad crap show we are getting lately.


Apologies for the negativity

I’m still trying to recover from the whole - no more FPP or EMH - debacle.