Is this an interesting topic? Travel time from the airport to WDW

Is the topic of how much time is required for different things in Disney World of interest to many people? I just finished writing about how long I expect the trip from Orlando International Airport to Disney World to take and thought I would see if it was of interest to others here.

I apologize if this is a little self-serving, linking to my own blog, but I spent a fair amount of time looking at travel times from my Disney World visits and want to determine whether that effort would be worthwhile for similar articles in the future. I figure if there’s not much interest among fellow Touring Plans forum folks, then there’s not going to be much interest at all in the subject of how long things take. For me, knowing stuff like this is essential in planning future trips, but not everyone thinks like I do.


A couple of things.

First, I don’t think anyone thinks of this as self-serving. If you have information that will help people plan a WDW trip AND your blog is about our favorite obsession, please share. Those of us who want to read it will, others can ignore it at their peril! :smile:

Second, we tend to focus on Lines and wait times in the park. Although I’ve only driven once and therefore have spent what seems like lifetimes in MCO or on the road to and from, I’ve never really thought about it. Last trip, I should have. Although we landed at 10:15, I didn’t get to my room in POR until about 1.

Finally, blog away. It will give you a chance to have some of us who like this kind of thing an opportunity to provide you with advice, tips, information…probably more than you will ever want!

As for this particular blog goes, if you could throw a Google Maps screen capture for your three different routes, to provide that visual for those of us who like those kinda things, it might enhance the article. Other than that…nice job!

I love this stuff! I use magical express. I would love a list of which resorts share a bus (how many stop you can expect to make), days of the week when there are less people traveling because you may have more resorts to a bus if there are less buses running. Or if the same amount of buses run and there are fewer people then there are fewer stops for each bus. This kind of info is a drug to me! I’m addicted! If only there was a site that let me know how many people were flying into MCO to go to Disney within a 2 hour window of when I was going. I would definitely use that in my planning. I’m a super type A planner.

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Awesome feedback, @NeedaTurkeyLeg and @Elinaberry. Not sure I can deliver all the information you suggested, but I’ll try to rework some of your suggestions into the article. Maybe I can do some digging into the mysteries of Disney bus travel.

There is plenty of research of lines when you’re in the park, but knowing when you will arrive is just as important (you need to know when to start your touring plan when you arrive and when to end it on your last day). These travel times are also useful when planning breaks or when park hopping. The Unofficial Guide provides a useful travel time from place to place matrix, but times can vary quite a bit and I’m interested in understanding why. Fortunately, I’m starting to gather enough data to make some predictions. I don’t have a statistically sufficient sample size yet, but the distance between different points on the Disney map doesn’t change all that often, so the travel time varies more because of other factors and I’m starting to learn what those are.

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Hi, thanks for posting the link to your blog, it looks really interesting!
Your information on travel time is definitely of use :slight_smile: . My only suggestion would be to maybe mention that the estimates for getting through the airport don’t include waiting at immigration which can add anything from 25 minutes to 2 hours!

[quote=“dbtlancs, post:5, topic:9063”]
waiting at immigration which can add anything from 25 minutes to 2 hours![/quote]

Eek, 2 hours?! How often does that occur? Just around Christmas or New Year’s or is it difficult to predict?

It takes too long!!! I want to get off the plane and be there. Maybe WDW will add an airport. :slight_smile:
Having said that, I was so excited on the Magical Express last time, watching the video, I cried the whole way there.

The original design for the property did include an airport. I don’t see any way that will happen these days, but you could’ve arrived by plane and traveled by monorail and peoplemover to your resort.

That is based on my experiences at the end of August and early May (quiet times!) over several years. It was better in 2014 than previously, but timing is VERY dependent on whether you get off the plane quickly and beat the rest of the plane to the queue, and also whether another plane has just arrived.